US Woman Accidentally Destroys Winning Lotto Ticket - Loses $26 Million Jackpot

A woman from the US claims to have accidentally destroyed a winning lottery ticket by putting the ticket in the washing machine when doing her laundry.

An unnamed woman from the United States claims to have lost out on a $26 million jackpot prize after accidentally destroying her winning ticket.

The woman returned to the convenience store to explain her situation, according to store employee Esperanza Hernandez. The woman asked if the store's surveillance footage could not be used as proof that she had bought the winning ticket from the store.

Cathy Johnson, spokesperson for the California Lottery, said that in order to claim a lottery prizes players must show "compelling substantial proof you were in possession of the ticket."

But it’s possible she’s one of at least six people who turned in a non-ticket claim to the lottery office, said Johnston. However, the woman didn’t bring the ticket in by the 5 p.m. deadline, Johnston added.

Because the deadline has already passed for the winning ticket to be presented to claim the jackpot, the $26 million will now go toward funding public schools in California.

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