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07 April 2015


If you had already spent 20 years serving others, what would you do if you hit a $1 million lotto jackpot? Would you keep it for yourself, as your well-deserved reward for doing good? Or would you continue to pay it forward, and share your lotto fortune with others?

If you're US veteran Robert Tilley, the answer is a no-brainer. You'd share it amongst your local community - which is exactly what this Powerball winner did when he recently struck it rich with a $1 million jackpot!

Spokane lotto winner gives back to the community

A resident of Spokane, Washington, Robert Tilley is no ordinary member of the community. He's someone who's made a life out of helping and serving others - and his recent lotto win is no exception.

That's because instead of keeping his $1 million Powerball jackpot to himself, this 20-year Air Force veteran has been sharing his wealth amongst local residents, and has plans to give away even more of it.

usa powerball ticket

An enthusiastic Powerball lottery fan, Robert has been buying his lotto tickets three days a week, every week for the past two years - and every time from the same Yoke's Fresh Market in Airway Heights, Spokane. The reason for Robert's loyalty to the lotto? His determination to one day win - which is exactly what happened on 25 March of this year.

Despite Robert's conviction that he would one day be a Powerball winner, when the actual moment came he almost threw away his lucky ticket without checking it properly. "I thought it said a thousand dollars, I went 'fantastic!' Then I looked, it's a little longer than that. Then I put my glasses on and about had a heart attack," he says.

And to thank his local market, he returned to share his good fortune with the store that sold him his winning ticket - by handing out hundred dollar bills to employees!

In amongst making Spokane residents smile, Robert has found time to indulge himself a little with his lotto win - by spoiling himself with a yellow Chevrolet Camaro, in which he plans to spend some time travelling and relaxing.

But Robert's not done using his Powerball winnings to help others though - he also plans on giving his family financial assistance, and has made a donation to the VA, an organisation dedicated to helping veterans. And despite his new millionaire status, Robert intends on donating his time in the form of volunteer hours, for the benefit of the same association. Congratulations Robert - we thank you for your service, and we salute your selfless, charitable efforts. A worthy Powerball winner indeed!

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