Ultra-Luxurious Gifts For Gadget Lovers

Looking for something to impress a tech-savvy partner, friend or family member this Christmas? We've got just the gadgets you're looking for - although we hope you've got a lotto jackpot to help you out, because while these gift ideas are out of this world, their prices are just as stratospheric to match!

Gold and Diamond Speakers for Some Golden Beats

Why gift a friend with a set of ordinary speakers when you can go completely over the top and give them a set of solid gold ones instead? And of course because our motto is 'go big or go home', these speakers aren't simply plain solid gold - they're dotted with genuine diamonds as well!

Rivers Tone Speakerss

If you're wondering who would be crazy enough to craft a set of speakers from gold and diamonds, the answer would be the Japanese, courtesy of the company, Anodic Supply. But if you're thinking that these River's Tone speakers (as they're called) are all style and no substance, you'd be wrong - because rather than just look good, they sound good too, thanks to the brilliant audio properties of the gold used to design them. Solid gold speakers, 40 carats of diamonds and an unbelievable $5 million price tag - what better way could there be to show you care this Christmas?

Plug Into Luxury With a $7,500 Marble Macbook

When it comes to blending design with technology, few companies do it better than Apple. And this year they've gone above and beyond with a product that takes top honours in both categories - the handcrafted 15″ MacBook Pro Retina.

marble apple macbook

If you know someone whose laptop or Macbook could do with an update, you can't do better than the latest offering from Apple - a marble finish Macbook with a 24-carat gold logo. At first glance, you might mistake it for real marble, but that's simply due to the infinite expertise and craftsmanship of the team behind it - as it's in fact a specialised application technique designed to resemble the real thing as closely as possible. Which it does, for the eye-watering price of $7,500. It might be a little more than you're used to spending on a Macbook, particularly if it's for a friend or family member, but if you're even thinking about it, we urge you to place your order now - as with only ten of these limited edition pieces scheduled to be produced, we're sure they'll be selling like hotcakes. Or hot marble cakes, as the case may be.

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