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23 February 2015


The UK National Lottery draw is taking place this Saturday evening as usual - but this draw in particular is a little out of the ordinary. That's because it's not just any old draw - it's the 2,000th draw of this 20-year-old lottery, one that has seen over 13,000 winners being made since the first lucky number was drawn.

Yes, that's right - 20 years, and on Saturday night, 2,000 draws - with a jackpot of £4.1 million being given away in celebration! If you want to lay claim to this red-letter lottery win, you know what you have to do - buy your lottery ticket online from before the draw takes place, and make sure you're in it to win it!

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20 years of UK Lotto glory

20 years is a long time to be in business, so it's no wonder that over its two decades' worth of lotteries, the UK Lotto has seen more than its fair share of excitement. We sat down for a question and answer session on the Lotto's colourful history - and some of the responses may surprise you!

How many people play the lottery each week?

Believe it or not, the latest statistics suggest that approximately 70% of UK adults play some kind of lottery, including the official UK National Lottery.

Who has been the biggest winner of the UK National Lottery so far?

That title goes to Iris Jeffrey of Belfast, who won a massive £20.1 million in July 2004 - the largest individual jackpot ever won. However, the largest Lotto jackpot ever paid out was in the amount of £22.5 million, won by Paul Maddison and Mark Gardiner of Hastings, in 1995.

Where's the best place to buy a lottery ticket?

If you want to have a better chance than most of winning the UK Lotto, you'll have to travel to Dumfries, where you'll find 1 lottery millionaire for every 8,288 adults.

What do people most enjoy about winning the lottery?

In a recent UK Lotto poll, 99% of lottery millionaires said their favourite part of winning the jackpot was the financial freedom it gave them, as well as the opportunity to spend time with their families. Surprisingly enough, no Ferraris on the list whatsoever.

Where do lottery winners hide their lottery tickets?

It's a real fear of ours - if we ever won the lottery, where would we hide our tickets until we could redeem them? Well, in the same survey of 101 lottery millionaires, it was found that at least 20% kept their winning tickets in their bags or purses, 8% in their pockets, 6% under their pillow, 5% in a drawer or cupboard, and 2% in their underwear. We're not so sure about that last one...

What are the top purchases among lottery winners?

No surprises here - number one on the jackpot shopping list is a new home (32%), then a new car (27%) and then a fabulous holiday somewhere (8%). We all know that it's better to give than to receive though, which is why 95% of winners surveyed reported giving away money to family, while 87% gave to charity, and 70% to friends.

We'd like to congratulate all UK Lotto winners so far, and wish the UK National Lottery another 20 years of successes and huge life-changing jackpots. If you feel that draw number 2,000 could be lucky for you, there's still time to get in on the action! Just buy your lottery ticket and you could soon be the UK Lotto's next big winner!




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