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10 February 2015


We've heard all sorts of interesting methods people use to pick their lottery numbers, and this is one that's actually fairly common - using the numbers found on license plates. What's not so common is hearing about a win coming from it, but that's exactly what happened to Welsh truck driver, Stephen Chick, after scooping a £1 million prize on the EuroMillions lottery last month!

Driving up and down the country may be tedious for some, but for Stephen, it was a road to lottery winning. After driving behind numerous lorries and their license plates, he was inspired to use the numbers in his EuroMillions lottery pick for Mega Friday - and was stunned when his choice turned out to be a winner!

Lucky license plate numbers spell out £1 million in lottery winnings

Of course as irony would have it, Stephen was too busy driving trucks to check his ticket after the draw - which was worth a cool £1 million, as well as a first-class trip around the world. Eventually Stephen found the time to actually check his ticket, and when he did, he couldn't believe it!

In fact, he was so incredulous of his good fortune that he had to go into a shop to have it properly checked and scanned. “The woman in the shop scanned my ticket and called her manager over", he says. "They made me sign it straight away, and said I needed to go home and call Camelot."

“I spoke to Camelot as soon as I got back and when they confirmed that I’d won £1million and a first-class trip around the world, I started to cry, I was so overwhelmed.”

stephen chick

"I didn’t want to let my boss down so I worked Monday to Thursday as normal. It was a very strange week and I was convinced I couldn’t possibly have won. It was only when the bank manager said that the money was on its way to my account that it really sunk in.”

Stephen has no immediate plans to let his boss down either, as both he and Keri, an NHS administrator, plan to keep their jobs. They will be applying for leave though as their once-in-a-lifetime trip awaits them, either to Singapore-Sydney-New York, Bangkok-New Zealand-LA or Hong Kong-Fiji-Miami. The couple have yet to decide on which trip to take, but one decision they have made is how they're going to spend their new-found wealth - on their family.

With three adult sons and ten grandchildren their family is an extensive one - and will soon be a well-off one too, thanks to the lump sums Stephen and Keri will be settling on them for help up the property ladder. The celebrations don't stop there though, because Stephen and Keri will also be taking their family on an all-expenses-paid trip away, possibly to Tenerife. Perhaps check the numbers on the plane Stephen, and see if they bring you luck in the next EuroMillions draw!

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