Thrilled Lottery Winner Says She Now Has A Permanent Smile

A lucky lottery winner from the United Kingdom bagged a nice £30,000 prize and now she says that she hasn't stop smiling yet.

Carla Shaw, a 47-year old mother of two, has been smiling from ear to ear since she bagged a £30,000 payout from a local lottery game.

After hearing that she had won Carla was ecstatic when she started thinking about what she could do with the money. In fact she was so happy that the smile hasn't left her mouth since.

“My mouth is starting to hurt from smiling too much. I don’t think it’ll sink in till later on," she told The Mirror newspaper. She also went on to say that she hasn't been this happy since her wedding day.

She says that she and her husband will be taking a much overdue holiday to the Maldives. This is because when she got married the couple could not afford to go on honeymoon.

The operator for the lottery told reporters during a Zoom interview, “I’m chuffed for Carla and hope she and Matt can now have the honeymoon of their dreams thanks to the win."

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