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29 November 2017

Get A Better Chance At Winning With This Week's Most Drawn Lotto Numbers

Lottery players from across the globe are constantly looking for ways to better their chances at hitting that big jackpot, and using frequently drawn lotto numbers is the most popular.

Some people use horoscopes when picking their lotto numbers, other use birthdays or other significant dates when choosing numbers; but the most popular and effective way to better your winning chances is using number patterns. And today the most simple and widely used lotto number pattern is using the most frequently drawn lotto numbers to your advantage. In fact, it is assumed that using frequently drawn lotto numbers to your advantage can improve your chances of winning by as much as fifty percent.

Here are this week's most frequently drawn numbers taken from some of the world's biggest lotteries with a combined jackpot amount of over $300 million!

54 - 3 times

51 - 3 times

61 - 3 times

22- 3 times

64 - 2 times

16 - 2 times

27 - 2 times

06 - 2 times


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The chances of hitting the jackpot on the Irish Lotto compare favourably to those of many other lottery games worldwide due to players having to pick six numbers from a selection of only 47. With a minimum jackpot of EUR2 million and the possibility for the top prize to go much higher as a result of rollovers. 
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The US Powerball lotto has produced more prizewinners worldwide than any other lottery. Not only that, but the US Powerball presently holds the world record for the most substantial ever jackpot win! 
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