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23 January 2015


We love reading stories about people who win the lottery (and of course fantasizing that we'll be just as lucky one day). Most of the time the stories you read are of fairly normal people doing fairly normal things, and going about their lives the same as always - although in bigger cars and better houses. But every once in a while a story comes our way that's a little out of the ordinary - and while those types of stories may be weird and wacky, those are definitely the ones we remember!

A dream of a Mega Millions lottery win

Take the story of Emaley and Alex Escalera for instance - a couple from Stockton, California who recently won $597,933 by matching five out of six numbers in a Mega Millions lottery drawing last November. So far, so normal, right? Until you find out that those numbers came to Alex in a dream!

That's right - this garbage collector often has crazy dreams due to his odd hours, but when he dreamed of a string of lottery numbers at the end of last year he immediately recognised that this was no ordinary dream, and wrote the numbers down straight away. "The next day I told my wife I'm gonna play those numbers," Alex says.


But that's not the most unbelievable part of the story! After playing the numbers that came to him in a dream, Alex kept the ticket on ice for two months before confirming whether or not it was a winner. How he was able to hold onto the ticket for so long without checking it, we don't know - we're glued to the screen come lottery night! But leave it he did - until two months later when he finally decided to have it checked. "We play, but we don't check them that often," Alex explains. "I didn't want anyone to touch this ticket. I was nervous when I was there. I was shaking."

The couple have finally come to grips with their good fortune though, and already have plans for the money. "Help out kids with college, pay off everything we owe, and that's it," says Emaley Escalera. "We want to live in peace." That sounds like a brilliant plan for the future - and we'd just like to let the Escaleras know that if they have any dreams about lottery numbers in the future, please let us know!

Lottery winners don fancy dress in China

The Escalera's story is one that's out of the ordinary, but it pales in comparison to that of China's latest lottery winner - who turned up to receive his jackpot prize wearing a horse mask! While this may seem strange (you think!), in fact in China it's quite common for lottery winners to disguise themselves when collecting their prizes. Previous winners have shown up dressed as bears, pandas, Mickey Mouse and even Spiderman!

Unusually for the lottery world, China's lottery rules do not require winners to be named publicly - and in fact the government goes to great lengths to protect their identity and safeguard them from any potential fraudsters. A cautious approach, certainly - and one that we'll have no trouble embracing when we turn up to collect our Chinese lottery prize in a fabulous Hello Kitty outfit!

But whether you prefer your lottery stories the right way round or upside down, one thing's for sure - every time a jackpot is won, it's an extraordinary occasion! Buy your lottery ticket online with today and it's one you could soon be experiencing for yourself, dreams, horse masks and all!




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