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The Luckiest Lotto Winning Towns And Cities In The UK


Of all the towns on the list the luckiest is the small town of Romford in West Essex which has produced more five-figure winners per head of population since the beginning of the lottery in 1994.

To be precise, Romford has had 951 locals bag a prize of more than £50,000 over 22 years. This translates to one in every 1,238 adults in Romford winning the big payout.

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The second luckiest town in the UK goes to Enfield in the Greater London region. Not far behind Romford, there are one in every 1,378 adults in Enfield who have won the lottery. This totals to more than £100 million in winnings in Enfield over a 22 year period.

London has made more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK with 569, followed by Midlands with 505. In total the lotto has made more than 3,500 millionaires since it began.

However, recent years have seen a change in winning trends among towns in the UK. Over the past two years the luckiest towns have been Glasgow with 21 people becoming millionaires, and Leicester with 63 people each winning a prize of at least £50,000.

Here are the list of the top 10 luckiest lotto winning towns in the UK showing how many adults have won a £50,000 prize:

Romford - 1 in 1,238 adults

Enfield - 1 in 1,378 adults

Dartford - 1 in 1,391 adults

Newcastle-upon-Tyne - 1 in 1,392 adults

Sunderland - 1 in 1,421 adults

Liverpool - 1 in 1,425 adults

Warrington - 1 in 1,428 adults

Bromley - 1 in 1,443 adults

Newport - 1 in 1,452 adults

Doncaster - 1 in 1,472 adults


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