Which Is The Luckiest Chinese Zodiac? | How The Chinese Zodiac Can Help Win The Lotto

The beginnings of Chinese astrology dates back to 1,200 BC. This was when early Chinese astrologers assigned a different animal and its factors to a particular year. Which then repeated on a 12-year cycle.

This is known as the ‘Chinese zodiac because of how it is similar to the Western zodiac. The two biggest differences are that the Chinese zodiac references years and not months and that the Chinese zodiac is not drawn from star constellations.

The Chinese zodiac also attributes numbers to each sign, and these numbers are all considered lucky or not. Below we’ll look at how lucky each Chinese zodiac sign is, and if they say you'll win the lottery or not.

The Luckiest Numbers On The Chinese Zodiac

If you look at Chinese culture, certain numbers are considered luckier than some. Some of the luckier numbers according to the Chinese zodiac are 6, 8, 9. Because these numbers have the same phonetic sound as the Chinese words for ‘great’, ‘well-off’ and ‘money.’

When you play the lottery it's advised to use only one of these numbers, or maybe two. This is because if you use all three in the same number combination you will not be covering enough of the number pool of that particular lottery.

The number 2 is also considered very lucky in Chinese culture. Because the Chinese believe that ‘all good things come in pairs.’ This is prevalent in the theory of Feng Shui which holds that the two main features in the yin and yang are the complementary forces that fuel all things in the world.

The Luckiest Chinese Number Combinations For Lottery

There are certain number combinations that are considered luckier than others according to Chinese knowledge. See below for some of the luckiest number combos you can use when playing the lottery.

16 - 8: These numbers have a similar phonetic sound as the Mandarin for ‘making a fortune all the way.’ The numbers are considered a lucky number combination for many spheres of Chinese life, not just for playing the lottery.

5 - 20: These numbers sounds like the Chinese for "I love you", and has been used as lucky numbers for generations in Chinese culture.

13 - 14: This more or less translates to ‘throughout one’s life,’ and said on birthdays to wish one a happy and long life. It’s also played with the above number combination to use 5 - 20 - 13 -14 to say ‘I love you forever.’

6 - 60: These numbers are the reflection to the 'Red Envelopes' that are given out on Chinese New Year. These are given out to wish the recipient a prosperous and wealthy year ahead.

22 - 40: These numbers have the same phonetic sound as ‘big riches’ and are usually said to people celebrating their birthday or a promotion.

We recommend that you only use one or at most two of the above number combinations in a single line. This is to make sure you always make use of the entire number pool of that particular lottery game.

What is the unluckiest number on the Chinese zodiac?

Just as there are lucky numbers on the Chinese Zodiac, there are also those that are considered more unlucky and should be avoided when picking lotto numbers.

The number 4 is known as an extremely unlucky number because in Chinese it is pronounced in an identical way to the ‘death.’ In fact, the number for is considered so unlucky that many Chinese people will leave it out of their phone number or license plates.

Many Chinese lottery players will avoid the number 4. but if they do play it they will use it alongside other numbers. For example, they will use numbers like 14, 24, 34, 40, 41, 42, but not simply play the number 4 alone.

Lottery Winning Predictions In 2021 According To Chinese Zodiac

Along with assigning certain numbers and particular attributes to the Chinese zodiac signs based on your year of birth, the Chinese also assigns these factors to each new year.

Each year also has has an animal assigned, and there are also number sequences or single numbers that are considered more lucky than others.

The start of the Chinese New Year was on February 12, 2021, and will run until January 31, 2022. And according to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox.

Many authoritative sources on Chinese zodiacs as well as the lottery, have said the year 2021 will be a very lucky year for lottery players.

This is the year that playing the lottery everyday will finally pay off, and the Chinese zodiac signs that are keen to play daringly, choose your lucky numbers wisely and you are VERY likely to see a multi-million win come your way this year!

Also, the Year of the Metal Ox is going to welcome the end of financial troubles for many lottery players. Use your winnings to end all of your debts, pay off your schooling or any other financial woes you may have.

For our lotto players, it’s great to see that the Year of the Metal Ox brings career successes, maybe a promotion in your job, wealth and prosperity, and general well-being for every Chinese zodiac sign.

Lucky numbers for 2021 – the year of the Metal Ox according to the Chinese Zodiac are:

3, 8, 17, 24, 44, 49.

Which Chinese Zodiac Has Won The Most Lotto Prizes?

A major United Kingdom lotto operator make the decision to do research into which Chinese zodiac banked the most lotto wins. The research was done over a period of 12 months in 2020.

Most of the signs had more or less the same wins and jackpots, there are a few signs with more wins than most others. This list should not be used to discourage you from playing if your sign is lower on the list, this is because the below list only uses data from a single year.

Check below for the list of Chinese zodiac signs by how many big wins each one banked in 2020.

● Rat: 43

● Goat: 39

● Dragon: 38

● Ox: 37

● Horse: 35

● Pig: 34

● Rabbit: 34

● Monkey: 32

● Rooster: 31

● Tiger: 31

● Dog: 30

● Snake: 30

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