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11 January 2016

The First Ever Jackpot Over A BILLION DOLLARS - The $1.4 Billion USA Powerball

Despite a record number of tickets being purchased for the Saturday 9th of January Powerball, not a single ticket matched the 6 winning numbers drawn during Saturday evening's draw. This past Saturday's draw was the biggest in the history of mankind, with the jackpot total increasing everyday so that by the time the draw took place, the jackpot was an unbelievable $950 Million.

Winning numbers from Saturday 9 January USA Powerball draw

PB winning numbers

It would seem with the amount of people buying tickets for this world-record draw that surely somebody would win but absolutely nobody was able to match the winning numbers. USA Powerball tickets are sold in 44 states across the country and no players from these 44 states or the millions who played from over 200 countries worldwide were able to correctly guess the winning numbers.

Although nobody was able to land the $950 Million jackpot, some lucky players were able to land the runner up prize of $1 Million plus there were numerous winners in the other prize categories. The Powerball organisers, MUSCL Group, paid over $159 Million in prizes from Saturday's draws. What happened to the rest of the money? $800 Million accumulated towards the next jackpot and with huge ticket sales coming in for the next draw, the Wednesday 13th of January draw has an estimated jackpot of $1.4 Billion!

The first jackpot to crack the 1 Billion mark - Play the $1.4 Billion USA Powerball!

Powerball record jackpot

It's truly a great time to be a lottery player. Just imagine winning this much money, you'll be richer than most Hollywood stars, pop singers, world-famous athletes and even the businessmen who grace the cover of Forbes magazine.

Just imagine guessing the winning numbers, besides becoming mind-blowingly rich overnight, you'll also go down in history as the winner of the largest jackpot in history!

And whilst normal people like you and me are getting our orders in, celebrities are also feeling the lottery fever! When a jackpot hits $1.4 Billion, everybody wants a ticket. Here's a few examples of celebrities discussing Wednesday's draw on Twitter:

Kim Kardashian USA Powerball Tweet


 Steve Martin USA Powerball Tweet


Hulk Hogan USA Powerball Tweet

And its not just American citizens who are taking part in this world-record draw, people are playing from all over the world! All you need is internet access and a credit card to be eligible for this prize!

CAUTION: The queues for USA Powerball tickets are understandably bigger than usual due to the giant $1.4 Billion jackpot. Please make sure to order your tickets well in advance!

The queue for USA Powerball tickets

USA Powerball ticket queue


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