What would you do if you ever won £53 million on the lotto? Quit your job immediately? Buy a brand-new house, car, designer wardrobe, gold-plated loo seat, the Great Wall of China? Spend your time flitting from island to island following summer around the world?

Well, if you're 67-year-old English grandmother and lotto winner, Angela Maxwell, you do none of those things. Instead, you carry on doing what you've always done - volunteering at a pensioner's lunch club and giving back to the community. You don't buy fancy gold, platinum or titanium jewellery - you provide food for senior citizens instead. And you don't rush off on a five-star holiday round the world - you put in a five-hour shift caring for the elderly. Because not all lotto winners care about spending - some of them care about those less fortunate than themselves.

Lotto-winning gran gives back to the community

In fact, that's exactly what Angela was doing when she found out about her mammoth £53 million EuroMillions lottery win - caring for others. After coming home with a basket of towels to wash for the community centre, she was greeted by her husband Richard, a retired turkey farmer, who had some astounding news for her - they had scooped the massive 1 April EuroMillions jackpot! Angela was so shocked, she dropped her basket of towels - exactly what we would have done if we'd found out we were lotto millionaires 53 times over!

lottery winner angela maxwell

While the amount in the Maxwell's bank account has changed dramatically since their win, their lives haven't. Just a week after her gigantic lotto win, Angela was back at the community centre, putting in a five-hour volunteer shift to help look after the pensioners' lunch. Despite her new millionaire status, Angela is determined to carry on her work at the centre.

“I will still be doing that", she says. "It’s lovely to see the old people. It’s a two-course meal every week and they absolutely love it. They pay £3 a week and they have a raffle ticket and they enjoy it. They have a chat and they always come the next week.”

As if helping to provide food for 100 OAPs wasn't enough, Angela and Richard have committed to supporting the centre in other ways as well, most notably by buying them a new community minibus. As keen charity fundraisers, the Maxwells are looking forward to being able to share their good fortune with those who need it most - making them not only deserving, but exemplary lotto winners!

Spread the love with your own lotto jackpot

If you have friends or family in need, there's no better way to help them than by giving them a financial helping hand - which you'd be more than able to do with a huge lotto jackpot of your own! The weekend draws are almost upon us, so whether you're a Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Millions or UK Lotto fan, there are more than enough ways for you to win.

Buy your lotto tickets online today from, and make sure you enter your favourite lotto draw online while there's still time. The feeling you'll get from hitting the jackpot will be almost as good as the one you'll get from giving your loved ones the help and support they deserve.

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