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13 November 2014

Teenager Gets $4 Million Birthday Present!

Most 19-year olds would be a little upset if their birthday gift from the father was 2 lottery tickets but for Chicago teenager Deisi Ocampo that may just be the best gift she’ll ever receive as the tickets were worth a massive $4 million.

The elated teenager who was given the cheque on Friday by lottery officials told local press what everybody was already thinking, “It turned out to be the best birthday present ever.” Her father had wished his daughter a happy birthday as he gave her the tickets but surely he could never have imagined just how happy her birthday would turn out.
Ocampo told reporters when she received the cheque that she would be using the money she won to buy a new house for her family and also plans to complete her degree and become a nurse.

Ocampo told reporters when she received the cheque that she would be using the money she won to buy a new house for her family and also plans to complete her degree and become a nurse.

Did you know that lottery tickets could make for such an amazing birthday present? We've got a $252 million USA Mega Millions draw taking place tomorrow, can you imagine giving away a ticket that makes somebody THAT much richer? If you're feeling a bit greedy than you could always buy yourself a stack of tickets and keep your fingers crossed that your 7 numbers are drawn to make you the latest worldwide lottery success story?



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