If you liked Monday's report on bizarre lotter news from around the world, you'll love what we've got in store for you today - more of the same! That's right, the lotto news doesn't stop, and we won't stop bringing it to you either, not when it's fabulously crazy like locker combination numbers and girlfriend-spiting wins. Because the more unbelievable lotto news we bring you, the more we could spark an idea in your own head - one that could just set off an unusually massive star lotto win for yourself! We're giving like that.

Couple makes lotto news by throwing away winning ticket

So let's start today's lotto news report from the bottom of a recycling bin, shall we? A very lucky recycling bin - one worth £1 million! Because that's what your bin tends to be worth when you chuck away a £1 million EuroMillions ticket without checking and double-checking the numbers first!

That's exactly what Scottish couple Geordie and Betty Rhodick found out when they played the EuroMillions lottery this year, and then threw away their ticket soon after. Thinking he had verified all the numbers on his ticket, pensioner Geordie threw away his EuroMillions winner after checking it against all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. But wife Betty wasn't so sure, which is why she later dug the ticket out of the rubbish and took it along to her local shop - where she discovered that it was an exact match for the UK Millionaire Maker code, and instead of being worthless, was in fact worth a whopping £1 million!


Most people would immediately rush off and spend, spend, spend, but Geordie doesn’t plan on letting his windfall change him. In fact, he's already stated that he plans on staying a "[crabby] old git" (Geordie, we think we love you). But this surly old curmudgeon has a big heart, something made evident by his plans to surprise his 85-year-old mother-in-law with a trip away, and his intention on giving each of his six children a £25 000 share of his fortune. Geordie, if we check your bin for you next time, can we also have a small slice?

Best lotto news ever - free lottery tickets all round!

We've heard of some crazy lottery purchases from jackpot winners in our time, from breast implants to real estate on the moon (oh yes) but this one has to be one of the most unusual, and one of the nicest too. Making lotto news this week is Sean Lloyd, a bus driver who took home a £2 million win on the UK Lottery back in January. While Sean took the opportunity to resign from his job (and who can blame him?) he nevertheless returned to work recently in order to spread the lotto love - by handing out "lucky" lotto tickets to stunned bus passengers.

If one of the passengers manages to strike it rich with their free ticket, they would do well to follow Sean's example, a winner who's gone from strength to strength since moving on from bus driving after his win. Although he admits he does miss his friends and their camaraderie, he's got plenty to keep him busy, from inventing his very own "Curious Sauce", to buying a house in Stockport, going on holiday to Mexico, paying for his daughter's wedding and volunteering for various charities. A lottery winner who's responsible with their money? That could be the most unusual lotto news of all!

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