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12 March 2015


We've talked a lot about what lottery winners are most likely to do with their jackpots once their bank accounts are full of zeroes. Popular choices usually include a new house, a new car, and an overseas trip somewhere fabulous, in that order. And we have to say that if (sorry, when) we won the lottery, those would be our top three choices too.

But once the house has been bought, the car has been paid for and the holiday tickets bought, what next? Why, a whole lot of fun on your exotic vacation, that's what! Even if you decide to stay at your current job (as many lottery winners do, surprisingly enough), you'll still be able to take a fair amount of time off for your first luxury holiday - so the more indulgent you can make it, the better. This is the time for you to spoil yourself with first-class travel, five-star accommodation, and of course, the finest wining and dining the world has to offer!

If you're a foodie, a trip overseas would be like a dream come true for you - the tastiest way to put your lottery winnings to good use. We can imagine you've dreamed for years of visiting the world's finest restaurants, lousy with Michelin stars, and savouring every bite of the epicurean delights served up to you. And if your dream holiday involves a stopover or a stay in Europe for any length of time, you'll be able to satisfy your craving for world-class gastronomy with visits to top restaurants like:

Sketch Lecture Room and Library, London, England

Open since 2002, Sketch has been serving gourmet full-course and a la carte menus to rave reviews for over a decade. Practice your best poker face though - you don't want to look like an amateur diner by flinching at prices like $66 for nachos, or $157 for a full-course meal.

lottery winners Sketch restaurant

La Pergola, Rome, Italy

Treat yourself to Michelin star heaven at La Pergola in Rome, the city's only three-star Michelin restaurant, and one of the highest-rated restaurants in all of Europe. Make sure to keep your credit card handy though, as you'll need it to pay the $290 per person for La Pergola's nine-course extravaganza - or if you're feeling flush, an extra $117 for a rare white truffle with your meal. About the only thing you won't pay for is the view, which is spectacular.

lottery winners la pergola

Solo Per Due, Umbria, Italy

Looking for a dining experience with a difference? You'll find it at Solo Per Due in Umbria, Italy - a restaurant boasting just one single table for two. Literally translated as "Only For Two", Solo Per Due promises the ultimate in exclusivity and service - with a $690 bill to match.  

lottery winners Solo Per Due

Le Meurice, Paris, France

Billed as the most expensive restaurant in all of Europe, Le Meurice in Paris is an epicurean experience not to be missed - especially if you have the comfort of knowing your lottery winnings will take care of the cheque. From its three Michelin stars to its gold-lined walls and dinner plates too, Le Meurice is a glittering example of gastronomy, and prides itself on offering up some of the most luscious morsels known to man - like its world-renowned $165 truffles with scallops. We suggest ordering two portions for yourself - and perhaps one to take away as well!

lottery winners Le Meurice

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