Take To The Highway In One Of The Top Five BMWs Of All Time

Whether you're a petrolhead, a motor monster or simply someone who appreciates quality engineering, there's no denying that BMW has owned the concept of sheer driving pleasure for decades. No matter what your personal opinion on the luxury brand, it's clear that they've been doing something very right for years, be it in the power under the hood, the sleek lines of the exterior, or the progressively more advanced and more technologically equipped leather-soft interior.

Of course admiring the BMW brand is one thing - owning an actual BMW is quite another. For many of us, it's a premium vehicle that's simply out of our reach financially. Unless you win the lotto of course - then it's off to the dealership for you, and you'll be just a signature on the dotted line away from owning your very own Beemer! And if you need any help in deciding which model to buy, perhaps these top five iconic BMW models will give you some ideas:

5. BMW 507 Roadster

Launched in 1955, the iconic BMW roadster is a legendary vehicle, and one of Germany's finest. While its original price tag of $11,000 may not sound like much in today's terms, at the time it was beyond even the wealthiest of the upper classes, making it one of the most sought-after and lusted-for vehicles of the age. With only 252 ever produced, the 507 is one of BMW's most rare models, with one recently fetching a massive $2.4 million at auction.

BMW 507 Roadster

4. BMW Z8

The brainchild of Danish designer Henrik Fisker, the BMW Z8 was conceived as the modern version of the 507 Roadster. With a 4.9-litre V8 engine, 400 horsepower and a wealth of interior technological innovations, the Z8 came with a price tag of $128,000, making it stratospherically expensive, even for the rich and famous. It was affordable enough for James Bond though, who was seen driving one in The World is Not Enough.


3. BMW M3 E30

An irresistible combination of saloon car and high-performance vehicle, the BMW M3 E30 will forever be an integral part of BMW history. Launched in the 1980s, the M3 was designed to be part of the DTM racing series, gaining instant popularity for its powerful motor and high-end performance, as well as its superior aerodynamics, suspension, and other premium quality components.

BMW M3 E30

2. BMW M1

If you have a million dollars lying around, you could put your money to good use by making a bid to own a luxury BMW M1 - one of the most stylish, sophisticated BMW models ever produced. Launched in 1978 and designed by Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro, the M1 rivalled even Lamborghini and Lotus for visual domination, becoming known as one of the most iconic BMWs ever produced.


1. BMW E9 3.0CSL

Want to know what the 'L' in the name stands for? That would be 'leicht' or light - not surprising, as the famous BMW E9 3.0CSL was a full 300 pounds lighter than other models when it was first produced in 1972. Crafted from aluminium, thinner-gauge steel and other lighter vehicle components, the E9, or "Batmobile" as it was originally known, was a force to be reckoned with in racing circles, ruling the European circuit and winning five European Touring Car championships along the way. Sheer driving pleasure indeed, and an experience that every lotto winner deserves to indulge in!


Let us know what your favourite BMW of all time is in the comments section below! Win this weekend's huge $110 Million USA Powerball and you can take your pick of if you're a true BMW fan why not get one of each?

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