Stuff You Don't Need But Have To Have Anyway

When it comes to buying things, there are always certain categories that purchases fall into. There are the "things you have to pay for but don't really want to", like bills, new tyres, car licenses and so on. There are the "things you don't mind paying for, but wish were a little more exciting", like groceries, electricity, water. Yawn. Then there are purchases that are a little more fun, like "things you don't absolutely 100% need, but are so much fun", such as books, video games, music, concert tickets, restaurant dinners. And then there are the mad, crazy, off-the-wall things that fall into the best category of all: "stuff you don't need but HAVE TO HAVE anyway"!

Which is exactly why you won't be able to resist all of these absolutely-nobody-needs-these-but-don't-you-want-to-buy-them-right-now items:

Everyone's gaming dream - $100 playing cards

Who needs $100 playing cards? No-one! If you want to get your gaming on, you don't even need actual cards - just go old school and colour in 52 bits of paper with clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. But this is no ordinary pack of cards (or random pieces of paper) - this is Hermès darling, and when it's Hermès, you absolutely have to have it! Now instead of playing cards like an ordinary person, you can play like the uber-wealthy, with your choice of 3 $100 packs of cards, featuring intricate designs, glossy colourful backs, and alternative images to your more traditional kings and queens. It's the ridiculously overpriced item we always wanted, but never knew we had to have til right now!

Hermes Playing Cards

It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's a GazeBox!

You know that structure you keep your car in? What's it called again… oh that's right, a garage! Well, in case you didn't know, garages are SO last season dear. No more stuffy old rooms for cars or tacky shelters - no, what you need is a GazeBox! A cross between a gazebo and a carport, the Gazebox is an Italian innovation designed to protect your precious wheels from the harmful effects of nature and curious creatures, while allowing you to stare at it blissfully through clear anti-UV polycarbonate panels. It's the way of the future when it comes to sheltering your car, and it's why you need to start demolishing your existing garage right now!


Ronaldo scores with hugely overpriced headphones

If there's one thing we're sure you don't need, it's a pair of headphones. Don't you already have two or three pairs lying around the house anyway? Alright fine, if you absolutely HAVE to add another set to your collection, then you'll want to buy a pair of Cristiano Ronaldo's brand-new massively expensive and hugely exclusive headphones. Not content with leading teams a merry song and dance up the football field, it seems Ronaldo is giving fans a little song and dance too, with an all-new high-tech selection of earphones, headphones and speakers, through his company ROC Live Life Loud. And if you've got $390 dollars handy, you'll be able to walk off with the premium pair in the collection. Although we're not sure who's scoring the most here - you, or Ronaldo's bank balance.

Cristiano Ronaldo headphones

Of course most of the items in the uber-cool, yet uber-pricy "stuff you don't need but HAVE TO HAVE anyway" category are way beyond most of our budgets - which is why if you want to have a home packed with the latest in expensive gadgetry and kooky innovations, you'll need to start buying some lottery tickets pretty soon. And then once you do, please invite us round one afternoon to play.

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