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11 June 2015


By far our favourite lottery stories are those that report back on what people buy with their lotto winnings. We can happily spend hours daydreaming about what we’d buy first, how many Ferraris we’d order, how many rooms exactly we want in our French chateau, but there’s something so satisfying reading about what lotto winners buy for real.

And in all our years of reading and research, we’ve noticed a definite trend when it comes to what lotto winnings are spent on. First and foremost, debt always gets taken care of, whether in the form of loans, mortgages or credit. Next comes the fancy house, then the luxury car, and almost always after that comes a five-star trip away too. Once the big three are taken care of, then the novelty items come out to play, from surgeries to businesses to shoes, bags, breast implants, jetskis and more.

It’s very rarely, however, that we hear of lotto winnings going to a good cause – which is why whenever we do, we make sure to report on it as soon as possible. Because nothing warms the heart more than reading about lottery winners saying no to Gucci and yes to goodwill.

Millionaire couple makes good with lotto winnings

One such kind-hearted couple are the Kiblers, from Sutton Coldfield in England, who scooped a well-deserved £2 million lottery jackpot in 2012. After reading in a recent report of the lucky lotto winning streak amongst caregivers and social workers (more than 102 millionaires to date!), Marie and Paul Kibler decided to show their gratitude and appreciation by buying each of the 54 volunteers at Sutton’s Cancer Support Centre a thank you gift.

lottery winners paul and marie kibler

Having had personal experience with the quality of care offered at the centre when daughter Anne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 23, thanking each of the workers with a sincere, heartfelt gesture seemed a logical next step for the couple.

“Paul and I have been very lucky with our win and we simply wanted to share some of our luck with the amazing staff and helpers here“, says Marie. “I volunteer at the centre but I want to pay tribute to all those people who give up their time to do everything from being receptionists, gardeners and cooks. They never ask for anything but I want to say we are very lucky to have them.”

Visiting the centre on Monday 8 June, the Kiblers distributed flowers to the ladies, champagne to the men, and goodwill to all 54 volunteers for their tireless efforts. Now that’s how you spend lotto winnings like a boss!

Pay your own lotto winnings forward with

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