The Powerball is up to a staggering $450 million for the mid-week draw - one of the biggest in US lottery history! And with great jackpots comes great responsibility - like the responsibility of spending all that money wisely, so you never have to work again.

But sometimes, wise, shmise - wouldn't it be awesome to take that massive amount of money and blow it on a spendfest like no other? Yes, after you’ve done the responsible things like paying bills and investing. We're just saying that it could be supremely satisfying to buy something ridiculous with that ridiculous amount of money - like one of the pyramids at Giza, or plots of land on Mars. Sort of the way these celebrities did:

Beyonce - Diamond-encrusted Barbie

Diamond encrusted Barbie

That's right, no ordinary Barbie doll is good enough for Beyonce and Jay-Z's little Ivy Blue - only a diamond-encrusted one will do! This custom-made diva set the Carters back a cool $85,000 - cheap at the price for being covered in over 150 gems and white gold too. Certainly puts our standard toy shop Barbie to shame!

Katy Perry - Trip to outer space

We were only kidding about the plots on Mars thing, but it seems the Dark Horse singer took us at our word! When her then-husband, Russell Brand, turned 35, Katy Perry was determined to give him a birthday present that was out of this world - so she gave him one that literally was, in the form of a $200,000 trip into outer space, courtesy of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. We're not saying that's the reason they eventually split up, but it does give us pause for thought...

Angelina Jolie - Waterfall

Rating just as high on the kook scale, Angelina Jolie literally splashed out for hubby Brad Pitt's 48th birthday when she bought him a waterfall in Pennsylvania, topped with a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home. Maybe next time just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to?

Lady Gaga - Michael Jackson's clothes

lady gaga michael jackson

Want to dress like the King of Pop? You'll have to get through Lady Gaga first, who bought Michael Jackson's entire wardrobe after his death in 2009. Of course as a world-famous superstar, this is no ordinary set of duds, as apart from jeans and t-shirts, the collection also included the jacket MJ wore in his "Bad" music video, as well as his iconic crystal-studded glove (worth a massive $100,000 alone). Talk about a thriller of a purchase!

Kanye West - 10 Burger King franchises

One of our favourite celeb buys though has to be this one - a wedding present to Kim Kardashian from Kanye West, in the form of 10 Burger King restaurants! What happened to clothes or jewellery? This whopper of a gift came with a $7.5 million price tag, and (we're assuming) all the burgers you can eat. It might not be everyone's idea of romance, but it sure is tasty!

See what we mean? Your $450 million could buy every single one of those crazy celebrity purchases - probably three or four times over. Because when you have that kind of money, why not take the chance to go a little mad? One lottery ticket from GiantLottos.com is all it takes, and you too could soon be splurging on platinum toilet seats and the like. Just pick your lucky numbers today, and get ready to take your multi-million dollar Powerball jackpot to the bank!

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