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27 January 2015


When it comes to lottery news, we always hear about the big giant jackpots - the massive ones that defy logic (the recent $270 Mega Millions jackpot anyone?). But it's the smaller amounts that often slip through the media cracks - lottery wins that while not quite as impressive as Harold Diamond's $326 million Mega Millions win last November, still have the power to change lives in significant ways.

Hitting a top lottery prize in Canada

Take Donald Owen for example. This lucky lottery player from Edmonton, Canada, has the distinction of being the first top prize winner on the "new" WESTERN 649 lotto. And his payout? A cool $2 million, won from a $4 lottery ticket. Initially Owen thought he had won $200,000 - but after putting on his glasses and double-checking the zeros, he realised he had won ten times that!

donald owen

Some people might turn their noses up at "only" winning $2 million, or even not play the lottery at all, preferring to wait for a bigger rollover instead. But not Donald Owen. $2 million is plenty for him thank you very much, and plenty for him to buy the first thing on his shopping list - new furniture. You kick back and relax on that new lounge suite Donald - you deserve it!

Becoming a lottery millionaire in the Philippines

Someone else who deserves a mention is a 68-year-old senior citizen from Manila in the Philippines, who won a P16 million ($363,000 or £240,880) jackpot on 20 January. While the amount may not be enough to change lives forever in the US or the UK, in the Philippines it's enough to change the life not only of this senior, but of his 12 siblings too. Yes, you read right. 12.

philippines lottery

According to lottery records, the Philippines' newest millionaire has been playing the lotto for the past two decades, and finally managed to score the big one (with a P60 ticket) by being the only player to choose the winning number combination.

While his plans for his lottery winnings include saving money for anything he or his wife might need in the future, his ultimate goal will be to give his poverty-stricken family the help they so desperately need. We're suddenly feeling bad about wishing for a gold-plated Rolls Royce. And we think that selflessly helping out one's family is probably one of the best things that can ever be done with a lottery windfall. A high five to you sir.

As you can see, while some lottery winnings may not be in the mega multi-millions, they're still more than enough to take care of simple pleasures, and even transform lives as well. A less inflated jackpot win may not have enough zeros to buy a fleet of Ferraris or a cupboard full of Chanel, but it's still the answer to many people's prayers and wishes for a better life. Buy your lottery ticket online with today, and see for yourself just how liberating hitting a lottery jackpot can be!



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