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10 July 2018

Six Friends Hit Lotto Jackpot After Playing Their Lucky Numbers For Three Years

A group of friends from Perth had been playing the same set of lucky numbers for three years before hitting the jackpot.

Six close friends from Perth pooled their resources to buy lottery tickets week after week for three years before they finally bagged a division one prize.

Each of the friends cashed in around $87,000 after the pot was split between them.

The winning numbers came in at 29, 1, 6, 43, 23, 18 and bonus numbers 3 and 35. The total value of the jackpot was $503,668 and was only one of eight other division one prizes that were won in the draw.

They had been playing the exact same numbers for every draw; “They’re based on some of our favourite digits,” said one of the friends. And even though they hadn't won anything big before, the group said they felt that a big win was coming soon.

"You gotta dream, don’t you? And have a positive attitude," said one of the friends.

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