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06 March 2015


Recent lottery winner Paul Newton will have more than enough money to buy himself a new pair of glasses after winning a huge £1,176,544 in the Lotto last week. It looks like he may need them too, as originally this short-sighted lottery player thought that he had won a very handy £1,106 - but when he found out his prize was more than ten times that, he was stunned!

If you think it's a story that's too good be true, you're absolutely right - although in this case it happens to be completely, 100% true! Just ask Paul Newton, Weston-super-Mare resident and latest UK National Lottery millionaire.

Lottery mistake turns out to be worth £1 million

While waiting for his wife, Tania, to have her hair cut, Paul decided to check his emails after the weekend lottery draw. When he saw a "congratulations" email from the National Lottery, he logged on to his account immediately, only to see that he had won a 'brilliant' £1,106. Of course at that thrilling moment, his iPad decided to stop working, leaving Paul unable to double-check his big win.

Unwilling to leave the news of his good fortune there, Paul logged into his account again, this time through his iPhone - and was shocked to see that his win was in fact ten times his original estimate!

paul newton

"I have bad eyesight, but looked again on my iPhone to check I had it right", says Paul. "Through my squinting, the numbers looked very big on the screen but I could clearly see it was actually a win of over a million quid! I freaked! My first thought was I had to tell my wife, so I made my excuses to leave and drove 60 miles to tell Tania in person. I knew she was having her hair cut.

"By this stage I was getting frantic. I went to the hairdresser's and her appointment had been cancelled so I got the dogs and went looking around town to see if I could find her. After tracking Tania down and giving her the look that meant I needed to tell her something urgently, I took her back home.

"We have 110 steps to our house and I wouldn't tell her anything until we got inside. Once in there, I just yelled 'We have won enough money to clear the mortgage and once that's done, we've got another million on top!"

The lucky couple don't just have plans to pay their own mortgage with their winnings though - like any family-oriented couple would, they'll be using part of their jackpot to help their three grown-up children pay off their own mortgages too. Home improvements also feature high on the "what to do with our lottery winnings" list, as does helping out their family in other ways.

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