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22 February 2016

Set Sail For Luxury With Europe's Most Sensational Cruises Of 2016

Looking to get away from it all this year? Perhaps take an exotic vacation, relax, enjoy some sun and sea? If so, why not do something a little different from the regular tourist traps? Instead of lying on the beach sandwiched between other sunbathers, stretch out on a luxuriously indulgent cruise liner - one with Europe's most fascinating cities on its itinerary. And luckily for you, we've got the inside scoop on 2016's most fabulous European cruises:

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Fancy getting to know the British Isles a little better? If so, you'll want to book passage on the Celebrity Eclipse this June, because that's exactly where you'll be going. From the Channel Islands to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scotland and Ireland, you'll go on a voyage of historic discovery, eventually taking in the fascinating town of Cherbourg, in France as well. Prepare yourself for every activity from museum visits to architecture appreciation, live music and more, as well as casino excitement and spa treatments on board. Got your passport ready? Then best you get packing!

Holland America

Holland America

If you need a little Mediterranean magic to brighten up your life, the Holland America liner will be happy to provide it - and then some! Starting in Barcelona, Spain, you'll be treated to a glittering adventure across some of the most fabulous gems in Europe's crown, including Italy, France, Monaco, Greece and Montenegro too. Play your cards right and you could be rubbing shoulders with royalty in Monte Carlo, a town filled to the brim with the rich and famous - and potentially a celebrity friend for you as well! Sophistication is the order of the day aboard this luxurious cruise, so make sure to include some formal wear, and a taste for the good life!



If you've already been to Britain and marvelled at the Mediterranean, why not discover a new side to Europe with a tour of the Baltics? Already fast selling out, tickets aboard this one-of-a-kind cruise will see you travelling to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Russia aboard the famous Queen Elizabeth, on a voyage as enlightening as it is luxurious. Take a trip back in time with quaint cobbled streets, medieval architecture and colourful local culture, and enjoy a vacation steeped in heritage and brimming with unforgettable moments.

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