Score With UEFA Euro 2016 And!

Whether you're a fan of the beautiful game or not, it's hard to miss the fact that the UEFA Euro 2016 football championship is set to kick off this coming weekend.

And to celebrate the start of this action-packed tournament, we want to give you the chance to score alongside your favourite football teams - by playing to win FREE lottery tickets!

GiantLottos Euro 2016 competition

If you've always fancied yourself something of a mastermind when it comes to match predictions, now's your chance to prove it, and win big at the same time.

That's because throughout the Euro 2016 tournament, we'll be giving you the opportunity to predict the scores of each match and rake in huge potential jackpot winnings - in the form of FIVE FREE lottery tickets!

How To Enter The Euro 2016 Competition

Simply enter your prediction for each match in the comments section below, and if it's spot on when the final whistle blows, you'll win FIVE FREE lottery tickets for the biggest upcoming lotto draw!

Remember, it's not just five free tickets though, it's five FREE chances for you to enter some of the biggest jackpot draws in the world!

And the more scores you correctly predict, the more free tickets you'll receive, and the more jackpot cash you could ultimately win!

So get your game on with GiantLottos and Euro 2016 this weekend, and make your play for life-changing winnings both on the field and off.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In order to be successfully entered into the competition, score predictions must be added as comments in the relevant section below.
  2. Predictions made after a match has taken place will not be valid.
  3. Please note that only one prediction per game per user will be accepted; in the case of multiple predictions by the same user per match, only the first prediction will be valid.
  4. The winners of each correct prediction will receive 5 free tickets for the biggest upcoming lotto draw.

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Score With UEFA Euro And

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