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28 August 2018

Scientists Confirm: Lottery Winners Among The World's Happiest People

We've all looked at those lucky enough to win a multi-million jackpot and thought to ourselves how happy they must be, and now science can confirm that lottery winners are some of the happiest people on earth.

A group of social scientists from Sweden and the United States is working on a study trying to determine what the factors are that make for a happier life. One of the areas of the study was how people's happiness was affected by winning the lottery. 

The study involved more than 3000 lottery players, losers and big winners, and asked them questions such as how their quality of life was improved by winning, how they felt when they didn't win and what they purchased with their winnings.

Overwhelmingly the study found that the lives of lottery winners were improved for a significant amount of time after winning. This is mainly due to the fact that lottery winners reduced stress by paying off their debts and securing financial freedom.

The overall happiness is also increased by buying material possessions, traveling the world and being able to look after family and close friends. 

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