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10 May 2016

Savour The World's Most Delectable After-Dinner Treats

No matter how delicious or how filling a good meal, there's always room for a little something more at the end of it. And whether your tastes run to the sweet, the savoury, or the heady, we've found just the treats to tantalise your tastebuds - all for a nice price of course!

The world's most expensive cupcake

Golden Phoenix Cupcake

Anyone can make a standard sponge and icing cupcake. But not everyone can make the world's most expensive cupcake - a confection recently showcased by Dubai's Bloomsbury. Titled 'The Golden Phoenix', this delectable creation is crafted from the finest chocolate, organic flour, organic butter, imported vanilla beans and luxury cacao, all wrapped in a glittering package of edible 23-carat gold. And the price? Only a heart-stopping $1,223.32 for a few luscious bites. Of course if you're a lotto winner, you'd be able to afford not just one, but a few dozen. So eat up - after-dinner tidbits never looked or tasted quite so lavish!

The world's most expensive cheese platter

Most Expensive CHeese Platter

If you're a fan of savoury over sweet, with a creamy Camembert or a crumbly Roquefort more to your liking, you'll love this - the world's most expensive cheese platter, priced at no less than $3,200! Featuring 8 delicious cheese varieties, and showcased extravagantly on a silver cheese tray and handmade wooden board, complete with silver cheese knife, this is no ordinary platter - instead it's one to be savoured slowly and scrumptiously from the first bite to the last. With something for every palate, from Serbian donkey cheese to gold-flecked cheddar, chestnut leaf-matured goat's cheese to white French truffles, it truly is in a class of its own. So much so that no-one could blame you for keeping every last bite to yourself!

The world's most expensive cognac

1858 Cuvee Leonie

Forget sweet treats and savoury delights - the best way to finish off an appetizing meal is with a glass of the good stuff. And by the good stuff, we mean of course Cognac Croizet, Cuvee Leonie, the world's most expensive cognac. If you've got $156,700, you'll be able to afford a bottle of its most famous 1858 single harvest - but make sure not to spill a single drop, as each millilitre of this extravagant tipple is priceless beyond measure. Simply make sure to serve it up in a cut-crystal glass worthy of its superior vintage, and you'll have everything you need to end your evening in smooth, mellow, reflective style. Cheers! 

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