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10 September 2015

Rule The Seas In Your Very Own Luxury Superyacht!

Looking for a way to spend all those lotto millions that are sure to be coming your way? You can't get any better, or any more luxurious than a superyacht! Just imagine it - you at the wheel, or stretched out on the deck of a huge, powerful yacht, slicing through the waves on a hot summer's day. There's no other feeling like it - and no other vessels like these extravagant superyachts currently up for sale:


As history has taught us, Boadicea was originally a Celtic queen from Northern Britain - and today her superyacht namesake reigns the seas with the same grace and power. Crafted with spaciousness in mind, every inch of this 231.3-foot yacht is an exercise in extravagance, from its five guest decks to its private swimming pool, onboard bar, choice of saloons and designer interior. Invite 15 friends on board to join you, and you'll enjoy an ocean adventure thrilling enough to live on for years to come!


Deja Too

You may think you've already seen a superyacht as opulent as the Dutch-built Deja Too, but we're here to tell you that you haven't! Think sleek oak-panelled interiors, hand-crafted marble, exquisite furniture, and a homage to swimming courtesy of a jacuzzi, swimming platform and swimming lounges. With space for 12 guests in wonderfully luxurious cabins, it's extravagance that has to be seen to be believed!

Deja Too

Tooth Fairy

You'll have to spend more than a few bucks for this Tooth Fairy to come visit - especially considering she doesn't have wings, but rather 44.8m of luxury instead! Show your 13 guests around the vast deck, take in the panoramic 360˚ views, and enjoy their gasps of envy as the Tooth Fairy reveals all her on-board treasures one by one. From a unique glass-bottomed jacuzzi to a piano bar, saloon, and one-of-a-kind electronic sofas, every moment spent on board the Tooth Fairy is one lived in opulence - which is why the $15.5 million price tag comes as no surprise.

Tooth Fairy

Marco Polo

Named after the famous explorer, the Marco Polo is just as ready and primed for adventure, fitted with a powerful main engine and capable of cruising speeds of up to 13 knots. If you can afford the asking price of $27 million, you'll want to stretch her legs as often as possible, especially when you can sink back into the comfort of your very own private owner's deck, complete with bedroom, bathroom and your own living room too. If you must invite guests along for the ride, they'll have just as comfortable a trip in their plush guest cabins - and just as exciting a trip too when they step onto the main deck and watch the world fly by.  

Marco Polo 

We don't know about you, but just reading about superyachts is enough to make us want to rush out and buy one! Of course we'll need the millions first though - which is exactly why we're going to rush to and buy our lottery tickets online before anything else happens. The weekend draws will be coming up soon, and we've got our eye on just the jackpot we want - and just the superyacht we want to buy as well. Who knows - if you play to win, you could be docking your yacht next to ours in a matter of days! Good luck, and here's to all of us dropping anchor in the very near future!  

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