Relax In Your Very Own Luxury Mini-Boat!

Monday's here again, bringing with it the back-to-work blues and general grumpiness. Worst. Day. Ever. We don't know about you, but we're already looking forward to Friday - no more work, just pure relaxation and indulgence all weekend long. If you're a lotto winner though, every day's like a weekend day. No more Mondays, ever. Just imagine how fabulous that would be! Instead of waking up to sit in traffic for hours on end, you could wake up and enjoy fun for hours on end - starting with your very own mini-boat!

Take a private cruise in the Chilli Island mini-boat

There are superyachts and then there are super private yachts - and the Chilli Island electric mini-boat most definitely falls into the latter category. That's because this is no ordinary water vessel - this is your very own private motorised lounger, perfect for whiling away lazy mornings, sunbaked afternoons, and sundowner happy hours.

Chilli Island mini boat

Built to seat just two people, this $11,225 mini-boat is as elite as it gets - and your guests will most definitely need an invitation before coming on board! Just because it's a party for two doesn't mean it has to be low-key though - that's because with six hours of deep cycle battery power, an electric motor in 0.5-kW and 1-kW options, and a built-in sound system, you can cruise around to your heart's content and take the vibe with you wherever you go! Lie back in the uniquely crafted full body seats, or slip off them straight into the water for a quick dip - the choice is yours. And the best part of all? If you're a lotto winner without a 9 to 5 job to go to, you can pay a visit to Chilli Island anytime you like! No more sitting in rush hour on the way to work - now you can rush to the marina and sit in peace in your yacht for two instead. Absolute bliss, at any hour of the day!

Make every hour happy hour with Karuizawa 1983

You, your guests, your Chilli Island private yacht… there's still something missing from this picture. Ah yes, a glass of something fabulous to sip on while you're living the high life. And you won't find anything more fabulous than Karuizawa 1983 - widely acknowledged to be one of the world's most expensive whiskies!

Karuizawa 1983

If you want to get your hands on one of these rare single malts though, you'd better hurry - because this sought-after tipple is being featured at the one of the most exclusive tastings ever, set to be held on 3 October. With only 45 tickets to the event being released, at a sizable £6,000 ($9,400) each, it's an event beyond the selective, and one not to missed. If you're lucky enough to win one of the tickets via ballot, you'll be treated to a tasting the likes of which you've never savoured - and you'll be gifted with your very own bottle of Karuizawa 1983 too - one of only 50 being crafted for the occasion. And once you're done with your tasting, you can jet back to your yacht-for-two, and enjoy your most luxurious sundowner experience ever!

Ready to trade in your work suit for your swimsuit? The good life beckons! To join the party, all you have to do is buy your ticket from in time for the next draw, and choose the winning number combination. The sooner you do, the sooner you could be doing away with work and enjoying non-stop play instead!

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