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Amazing El Nino Jackpots

A raffle that goes hand-in-hand with the Spanish El Gordo is the equally popular El Nino which takes place every year on the 6th of January. Traditionally this was the day that Spanish children receive their Christmas presents, now it represents a second chance at winning a big multi-million jackpot payout!

Another Incredible Christmas Raffle

Take another shot at winning a multiple million prize from the €700 million prize pool! Along with the €2 million jackpot prize, there are a variety of other massive prize tiers to play for. There are more than 30,000 other prizes up for grabs depending on how many numbers that you match.

Claim Your Share of the El Nino Millions!

Like another much-loved Christmas raffle, the El Nino is all about sharing in the winnings with other players! Each El Nino ticket is divided into 10 different shares, and you will be able to claim the winnings of that ticket relative to how many shares you bought. You may also buy an entire El Nino ticket yourself and collect the entire prize.

Won The El Nino? You'll Know First

So you didn't manage to catch the live El Nino draw? Don't worry, if you have bought any El Nino tickets we will make sure that the results get to you as soon as they are made official. We will let you know if you have won any prizes, and automatically credit your Giant Lottos online account with any winnings that you are owed.

Buy your El Nino tickets online and you could win big! Here's how it's done:

1. Pick your own 5-digit number/s combination from the available tickets.

2. Next, pick the amount of shares (décimos) you want to purchase in each individual El Nino ticket. If you decide to buy the entire ticket and your chosen numbers win, you will be able to claim the entire prize value for yourself!

3. When you have decided how many El Nino shares or tickets you want then click the “Checkout” button and your purchases will be moved into the 'Shopping Cart' section where you can make any final changes.

4. When you are ready to finalise your El Nino purchase click the final 'Checkout' button and you will be entered into the upcoming El Nino draw.

Below are some easy tips to help you increase your chances at winning an El Nino prize:

Buy Your El Nino Shares Early

The El Nino raffle is only held once a year at the beginning of January, because of this tickets are very limited and always sell out. We recommend that you buy your shares as soon as they go on sale to avoid disappointment.

Share The Cost, Share The Winnings

Part of the magic of the El Nino is that you share in the cost of a ticket, making it more affordable to play for millions.

Buy An Entire El Nino Ticket

Or if you're not the sharing type you can buy an entire El Nino ticket for yourself! Buy all of the shares in a single ticket and you will be able to claim the entire prize won by that ticket for yourself.

Maximise your chances of winning the El Nino with our winning tips page.
Do you have questions regarding the El Nino? Check out the FAQs page for more information.

Buying El Nino Shares And Tickets Online

Buying your El Nino shares online has a few benefits over buying physical tickets. When you register at Giant Lottos you will be eligible for a wide variety of different player incentives like ticket discounts or exciting bundle purchases.

The El Nino is a widely popular raffle in Spain with an estimated 65% of the population over 18 buying shares and watching the draw live every year. And now thanks to Giant Lottos you can also play and win El Nino prizes from anywhere in the world. Simply register your free account, load funds and buy your El Nino shares online!

After the official El Nino draw has taken place and the results have been confirmed, we will send you the results to your inbox. And if you've won an El Nino prize we will automatically credit your account balance, and if you hit the jackpot or another higher tier prizes? A dedicated Giant Lottos account manager will contact you to deliver the good news personally!