Powerball Jackpot Currently At $229 Million, There's No Better Time To Play!

The US Powerball jackpot has rolled over once again after nobody won the main prize in Saturday night's draw. The jackpot currently sits at $229 million, one of the largest jackpots in recent memory!

The Powerball draw that took place this past Saturday didn't see any main jackpot winner, but three ticket holders managed to match all five main numbers to win a $1 million prize each. One of those players also used the Power Play feature, meaning that their prize was increased to a total $2 million. In total there were more than 700,000 winners in this Powerball draw, each winning prizes ranging from $4 to $150,000.

The next Powerball draw is taking place this Wednesday, so be sure to get your tickets fast to play for that incredible $229 million jackpot!


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