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30 March 2015


We've heard of winning the lotto with lucky numbers sourced from license plates, sports jerseys, room numbers and more, but winning with your postcode is a new one on us. However that's exactly what happened with a lucky group of lotto players from Hurlford, near Kilmarnock, who managed to net a £250,000 win on the Postcode Lottery!  

Five lucky neighbours were each thanking their lucky stars after the lotto draw took place, as the winning postcode, KA1 5EA, was the exact one each of them had been playing, and was good for a share of the huge £250,000 jackpot.

Lotto neighbours make plans for jackpot winnings

For Iain Caldwell, who had played the lotto with three tickets, his share of £75,000 was a dream come true. “I signed up to play to help support local charities", he says. “It’s amazing to see how much I’ve won and it’s fantastic to have won with my neighbours." Iain plans on sharing his winnings with his 20-year-old daughter Paula, and is looking forward to enjoying the fruits of his labours on a lotto he's been playing since 2007.

“My daughter Paula gets married next year so I’ll be able to help out with the wedding", says Iain. “I’d also love to go on holiday. I want to point to a map and see where it sends me!”


Iain's fellow lotto winners are equally as excited about their share of the winnings. Cleaner Amanda Walker is still astounded at her success. “I never win anything", she enthuses. “I can’t wait to tell my colleagues. Now I’ve won this money, my main priorities are driving lessons and spoiling my little girl Alicia.”

Shock and awe seems to be the order of the day among the group of winners, with Linda Sawyers speechless at her good fortune. “I’m lost for words. This never happens”, she says. Fellow winner, Christine Harkness, plans to spend her winnings on a dream trip to the Big Apple, while the last in the group, Naomi Campbell (not the supermodel!), simply wants to frame her winning cheque as a reminder of her outstanding good fortune.

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While we don't offer the Postcode Lottery at, we do offer a choice of nine top international lotteries for you to play - each one giving you the opportunity to win your own massive jackpot. And the next time you buy a ticket, perhaps using your own postcode will prove just as lucky a strategy for you.

In fact, we've heard tales of just about every lucky number strategy there is, from horoscope lucky numbers to street numbers, house numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between. But when it comes to choosing your lucky lotto numbers, there's one piece of advice that seems to be a winning one - keep playing your same numbers again and again, rather than constantly changing them, and you could prove luckier than most!

So if there's a string of lucky numbers you're partial to, that's what we suggest you play at this week. Who knows - it could prove just as lucky for you as it did for the postcode lotto winners, and you could soon be taking your own bite out of the Big Apple on a luxury lotto-winning trip to New York City! 





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