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20 May 2015


At, we love it when our members play the UK Lottery. Held every Wednesday and every Saturday evening, the UK Lottery is one of the world's top international jackpots, and its four-rollover limit means that it's a jackpot that makes more millionaires with every draw.

Have you ever played the UK Lottery? And if so, have you ever played the UK Lotto with If you have, you'll know just how fun this international lotto draw is, and just how exciting too. But there are some things you may not know about the UK Lottery - which is why we're here to fill you in!


Did you know? Ins and out of playing the UK Lottery

  • For every seven millionaires who've played and won the UK Lottery, one will give a minimum of £1 million to a family member, friend or loved one - meaning that aside from its official millionaires, the UK Lottery has created a further 728 millionaires thanks to generosity and goodwill. 
  • 65% of those who have played the UK Lottery and won the jackpot say that they are happier for having claimed their prize - an unusual statistic when compared to other lotteries whose winners regret having played in the first place. 
  • 92% of married couples who play the UK Lottery and win end up staying together - again, an unusual, yet happy statistic when compared to the divorce rates following other international lottery wins. 
  • When we think of playing and winning the UK Lottery, we think of moving house - and we're not alone there. That's because 75% of UK Lottery winners use their jackpot money to move to bigger and better homes, 65% of these relocating to the countryside, and a whopping 90% moving to within just 20 miles of their previous homes. 
  • Playing the UK Lottery means living in the fast lane - and that's exactly what some winners do after hitting the big one, by purchasing new cars to match their new houses. Popular models include Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar and VW Gold, with one in ten winners splashing out on at least 10 cars.  
  • To date, Gracie Vera Coulson is the oldest person to have won the UK Lottery scooping a huge £1,090,387 for herself at the age of 87. On the other end of the spectrum is Tracey Makin, the UK Lottery's youngest ever winner, with a £1 million win at the age of 16.
  • Want to ensure you have a chance of winning the UK Lottery when you decide to play it? Make sure you're either a builder, a machine operator, an office worker, a driver or a chef, publican or cook - these seem to be the luckiest professions when it comes to scooping the jackpot! 
  • Check your pockets! One lotto fan played the UK Lottery then left his ticket in his jeans pocket. His girlfriend salvaged it just before putting his pants in the wash, only to find that the ticket was worth a huge £1.5 million!
  • More than 70% of adults in Britain play the UK Lottery on a regular basis, and more than £26 billion in winnings have been paid out since its inception. 
  • And finally, 36 people will have won a prize playing the UK Lottery by the time you finish reading this. Shouldn't you make sure one of those 36 is you? 

Play the UK Lottery with and win!

If you want to be one of those lucky 36, then playing the UK Lottery is all you need to do - and thanks to, it's super quick, and super easy too! Just buy your lottery tickets online with, play the UK Lottery by selecting your favourite number combinations, then sit back and wait for the winnings to start rolling in. Who knows - if Lady Luck is on your side this week, you could go from UK Lottery player to winner in the space of just a few short minutes! So get luck on your side, get your winning ducks in a row, and get your UK Lottery ticket from today! 

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