What The Giants Say: Player And Winner Testimonials

With 12 years of online lottery experience, Giant Lottos have plenty of players and winners from around the globe that have shared their experiences with us.

Below are what some of our long-time and new players have to say about the Giant Lottos experience. They will share which lotteries they have played, their favourite games and what else they like about Giant Lottos.

If you have a story or testimonial to share with us please send your experiences to [email protected]

Here's what the players say:

For the price of a cappuccino

"Great value! Two France Loto tickets for the price of a cappuccino. Small change for the chance to win enough to open my dream coffee shop"

Alan G (France Loto)

Get your FREE ebook…

"I received my copy of your Lotto Secret ebook after I purchased the All Draw Bonanza bundle. Very nice surprise bonus, thank you."

Mitchell S (All Draw Bonanza)

Amazing offers

"There's never a dull day when it comes to Giantlottos, you always make sure I've got the best offers!"

Fredrick F (Mega Millions)

Research pays off

"I tried a few other lottery agents before but I settled on Giant Lottos because of all the lotteries you can play and all of the specials they have."

Allan W (France Loto)

Luck of the Irish

"I decided to give the Irish Lotto a go because of the great winning odds. I've won quite a few small prizes and still playing for the jackpot every week.

Wallace M (Irish Lotto)

Europe's biggest in Namibia

"I recently started playing the EuroJackpot, which is not a lottery that you find here in Namibia. I enjoy playing for the much bigger prizes than what our local lotteries have"

Petrus V (Euro Jackpot)

Only the best service from Giant Lottos

"Speaking to their agents is always a pleasure, and since following their advice I've been able to win more often without having to spend more money on tickets"

Shaun RF (USA Powerball)

Play in lotteries from the other side of the world

"I'd never even heard of the SuperEnaLotto before I signed up at Giant Lottos, but now it's one of my favourites and I play every week."

Vanessa N (SuperEnaLotto)

The most unique lottery I've played

"I decided to try the Cash4Life lottery because of it's unique payouts of $1,000 everyday. Winning this would mean I could quit my job and never work again"

Paula N (Cash4Life)

The best chance of winning I've ever had

"One of the Giant Lottos agents told me about the All Draw Bonanza and how it includes tickets for all of their biggest lotteries. I like it because it has the biggest jackpots and the best chances of winning"

Jacob V (All Draw Bonanza)

Pounds go a long way in Namibia

"I regularly play the UK Lotto and my small winnings in pounds really add up, especially in Namibian dollars"

Johannes S (UK Lottery)

One of their top lotteries

"I've been playing the UK Lotto for awhile now and have broken even with my wins and spend. I keep playing for the big one though!"

Petrus VD (UK Lottery)

Giant Lottos winner testimonials

Giant Lottos have also awarded winnings from the biggest lotteries to players from all over the world. Below are what some of these winners had to share with us.

If you have a story or testimonial to share with us please send your experiences to [email protected]

Here's what the winners say:

Claiming Winnings

“I have won a few times in different lotteries and claiming my winnings has always been quick and easy.”

Wade E (Cash4Life)

That moment you get your money

“I'm really impressed with the way Giant Lottos handled my win payout. I am still in shock about it. Thank you, Giant!”

James M (USA Powerball)

Only a matter of time

“I've had a few reasonably sized wins with Giant Lottos and I know that it's just the beginning. Life gets hectic which is why playing through my account manager is such a pleasure.”

Beverly F (EuroMillions)

Vacation in the Bahamas

"Thanks to Giantlottos, Me and my family will be spending our dream holiday on the islands."

Petor K (Irish Lotto)

American big time

"I bought Powerball tickets for the billion dollar jackpot and while I didn't win that, my prize was still big enough to buy a new flat screen TV"

Jakob K (USA Powerball)

The most exciting email ever

"I woke up and checked my email to see that I had won! This was my first time winning at Giant Lottos and was the most exciting email I have ever received!"

Claire B (Canada Lotto)

A new lottery with new winnings

"Playing the France Loto for the first time I won $1500 and will be taking my brother on a scuba diving holiday. Thanks Giant Lottos"

Paul K (France Loto)

Collecting my winnings in Euros.

"Because I play the EuroMillions I'm playing for big prizes in euros, which when converted into Namibian dollars is always a small fortune!"

Siobhan L. (EuroMillions)

My favourite lottery

"I've always enjoyed playing the Italian SuperEnaLotto from Italy, and I've been playing and collecting winnings for around 3 years at Giant Lottos"

Christoph V. (SuperEna Lotto)

They said I could not lose

"I decided to go big and play the All Draw Bonanza for the biggest jackpot they have. I was told that I could get my money back if I didn't win a prize. I won nothing and my account was credited with the full amount."

Shane R. (All Draw Bonanza)

My big win is finally here!

"I've been playing for months with no wins until a big £8,000 win. This is absolutely life changing for me!"

Lawrence A. (UK Lottery)

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