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19 March 2015


We all play the lotto hoping we'll one day hit the jackpot, but for one recent EuroMillions winner, it wasn't hope that brought good fortune his way, but rather pure belief instead.

Thanks to his unwavering certainty that one day his lotto dreams would come true, today Bernie Delbridge, a retired British Telecom engineer from Bracknell, England is now a bona fide EuroMillions winner - proving that if you believe in something strongly enough, you can eventually manifest it for real.

Lotto player becomes lotto winner thanks to wife's hunch

Bernie admits that he didn't start his lotto journey by believing intrinsically in his ability to win it. That early confidence belonged to his late wife, Margaret, who passed away two years ago but left her legacy of lotto-winning belief behind.

Quick to credit Margaret for her steadfast belief in their eventual jackpot win, Bernie says “My wife Margaret always believed we would win the lottery, saying we ‘had to be in it to win it’. Sadly Margaret is no longer with us, but I still play our same numbers every week. On Friday I decided to buy a EuroMillions ticket but for some inexplicable reason I decided to play a Lucky Dip. Goodness knows why, I always play our numbers, but I’m very happy I did!”

That flash of divine inspiration was Bernie's one-way ticket to lotto riches - which he immediately discovered when he checked his EuroMillions numbers the next day. “It was a crazy way to start the weekend. I suggested we calm down with a cup of tea, to which my daughters laughed and said ‘blow the tea, let’s get Champagne,’ and it’s been Champagne all the way ever since. Plus plenty of toasts to Margaret too, who we know will be looking down on us and laughing!”

EuroMillions win brings dreams to life

Now that Bernie's lotto dream has finally come true, there's another that's about to be made a reality - his wish for an African safari. “Many years ago I created a list which contained just three wishes; a cruise, which I took with Margaret about ten years ago, a flight on Concorde and finally, an African safari. While sadly Concorde isn’t a possibility, thanks to those little numbers, £2 and a sprinkling of magic from Margaret up above, I’m off on safari.”

Euromillions winner Bernie Delbridge

“This win means so much to me, especially as it will give me so much freedom. I think Africa is just the start of it, I’m going to get a taste for adventure and give Bear Grylls a run for his money!”

Of course as any family man would, Bernie will use part of his lotto winnings to take care of his family as well, with a share of his jackpot going to his extensive family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Congratulations Bernie - we're raising yet another celebratory glass to your good fortune and future plans!

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