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23 June 2015

Play The Lottery Online And Never Miss A Jackpot!

How often have you had this problem? You go all the way to the store to buy your lottery tickets, then by the time the draw rolls around, you’ve completely forgotten where you’ve put them. They could be in your pockets, in your car, down the side of your couch – who knows? And of course, because you can’t remember your lotto numbers, you have no way of knowing if you’ve won a prize or not, and no way of claiming it even if you have. And then you think to yourself, ”I should have played the lottery online”.

If losing your lottery ticket is a familiar scenario, don’t feel too bad about it. Lottery headlines are usually filled with stories of players who regularly lose out on jackpots as a result of misplacing or losing their lottery tickets. In fact, there’s a Powerball player in California who’s still more than likely shaking his head in disbelief at having let a $1 million jackpot slip through his fingers after losing his winning lottery ticket. We hate hearing stories like these, but thankfully there is a simple solution – playing the lottery online!

Online lottery ticket turns out to be €2.9 million winner!

Losing lottery tickets was an all-too regular occurrence for one Midlands family in England – and a frustrating one at that. Annoyed at constantly having to search for their tickets after purchasing them, they eventually made what would turn out to be a life-changing decision – playing the lottery online!


Having made the choice to go digital in 2014, the family has been playing the lottery online ever since – and less than one year later, that decision has paid out handsomely, in the form of a huge €2.9 million lotto jackpot!  

“I was fed up losing my tickets and forgetting to check them so I decided that playing online was the way to go – and I’m very glad I did,” says the husband, who, along with the rest of his family, has chosen to remain anonymous. “Our numbers were made up of our children’s ages, and a significant family event.” And it’s a strategy that seems to have worked for them – 2.9 million times over!

When asked about their plans for the money, the lucky family already has their answer ready: “A really fun family holiday somewhere beautiful like the Seychelles, or the Maldives, somewhere with a private beach! And we’d also like to plan a trip to India”. Any room in that suitcase for us?

Play the lottery online with and win!

If losing lottery tickets is just as much of an issue for you, then you’ll be glad to know that playing the lottery online could be just as rewarding a solution for you too! That’s because with there’s no need to keep a physical ticket safe, and no need to remember to check your numbers.

Simply purchase your lottery ticket online with quickly and easily, and we’ll not only keep your ticket information safe, we’ll notify you of any prizes you win as well! We do all the work, you do all the winning – it’s that simple! So start enjoying top international lottery action the stress-free way, and play the lotto online with today! 

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