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22 December 2015

Play A Bundle, Win A Bundle, With!

Imagine this scenario. You buy yourself a Powerball lottery ticket, then take yourself off on vacation and have a fabulous time. After your amazing holiday you return home - only to discover your lottery ticket is now worth an amazing $100,000! Talk about a welcome home gift!

This story isn't a hypothetical though - it's what actually happened to one lucky lotto player from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, USA. After purchasing his ticket for the 5 December US Powerball draw, he went on holiday - only realising he'd won a fantastic $100,000 when he returned home. In fact, he'd missed only one number out of the selection - meaning that if he'd matched just one more number, he would have walked off with the entire multi-million Powerball jackpot!

A prize of $100,000 is nothing to turn your nose up at though - especially when you come home after a relaxing holiday and find it waiting for you, and just in time for the holiday season too! “I can’t complain,” said the lucky player, when asked about his win. “Retirement is going to be sweeter.” We'd call that the understatement of the year!

Come home to your own winning lottery jackpot

Of course, just because this winning lottery scenario played out for someone else, doesn't mean it couldn't happen to you too. The Powerball jackpot is up to an unbelievable $227 million for Wednesday evening's draw, and you could be the lucky winner to claim it - even if you're going on holiday before then!

That's right - thanks to the innovative Bundle Play feature offered at, you can purchase tickets for all your favourite international lotteries up to 4 weeks in advance! So no matter where you are in theworld, and whether you're near a computer or not, your lottery purchases will already be locked in, and could win you a fortune with the minimum of effort on your part!

GiantLottos Bundles

The good news doesn't stop there though - that's because if you play any of the lotto bundles on offer at over the month of December, you'll receive a fantastic 30% discount on your ticket price! That's a further 10% saving over and above the usual 20% discount offered on Bundle Play - but only for the month of December, and only for the next few days. So choose your Bundle, choose your lucky numbers, and not only will you save instantly, you could also be coming home to a fantastic lotto win too! What a way to start the new year!

Play to win the US Powerball with today

As we've said, the US Powerball is up to a colossal $227 million for the mid-week draws - and it's one of the lottos included in our Bundle Play options too. So make sure you don't miss out! Get in on all the winning action with huge lotto jackpots and Bundle Play today, then go off and enjoy your holiday. By the time you get back, we could have one massive lotto jackpot ready and waiting for you - and then it's time to start living the life of luxury you've always dreamed of! 

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