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19 December 2017

Online Lotto Players Could Be Getting £10,000 Every Month For The Rest Of Their Lives

New changes coming to the UK National Lottery in 2018 means that lottery winners will be enjoying all new cash prize bundles.

Following earlier reports that the National Lottery operator Camelot are making some big changes to the lotto in 2018; lotto players will be getting a monthly prize that will payout for the rest of their lives. Players will be given a monthly £10,000 payment for the rest of their lives, as opposed to a lump sum payment. This could mean that lotto players would see less mega jackpot prizes but more smaller tier prizes, and in turn more actual winners each week. 

Also, the National Lottery plan to put more focus on how the lottery helps fund community efforts, charities, culture programmes and sports. ‘We think the good cause element has been lost over time and there has been too much focus on winners. We need to bring to the fore again... the fact we make a millionaire on average every single day and that we raise £30million a week for good causes,' said the new Camelot boss Nigel Railton.


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