ONLINE LOTTO PLAYER SCOOPS EUROJACKPOT WIN! players, have we got news for you! The online lotto industry is buzzing today, and with good reason. That's because one lucky lottery player is celebrating after scooping a substantial second tier prize in a recent EuroJackpot draw. But this jackpot wasn't won by just any ordinary lotto player - this was won by an online lotto player! Which is why we're all celebrating right along with her!

Yes that's right - one of the world's top international lotteries was won by an online lotto player, making it not just a win for lotteries, but for lottery purchasing services just like! Three cheers for awesomeness!

Easy online ticket purchasing - easy online lotto winning

If you've bought a ticket with even just once, you'll know how simple the process is. Just sign up, choose your lottery and your lucky numbers, and purchase your ticket in time for the next draw. Quick and easy, no stress, no fuss. That's just how easy it was for a 53-year-old Italian woman too. She purchased her ticket in exactly the same way, from an online lotto company similar to - and her lucky number combination turned out to be a winner, netting her a fantastic €265,000 second tier prize!

Online lottery ticket purchasing has grown in leaps and bounds since it was first introduced to the lotto industry, and this recent EuroJackpot win is a testament to just how successful it can be. Today lottery jackpots aren't simply won by those with physical tickets - they're won by players with virtual tickets too, making lotto playing a pastime that anyone, anywhere in the world can enjoy.


That's because thanks to the internet, and lottery purchasing companies like, you now don't have to be in the same country as the lotto you're playing. Just purchase your lottery tickets online from, and you'll be able to enter your favourite international lotteries, no matter where you are! Staying in Australia but wanting to live large with the US Powerball? No problem. Working in South Africa but wanting to relax with the UK National Lottery? Absolutely. Laying low in Dubai but wanting to fly high with the Italian SuperEnaLotto? Step right up! All you need is an internet connection, and you have 24-hour access to the biggest and best lotteries the world has to offer - and that's a promise.

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Want to win your own EuroJackpot lotto prize just like the most recent online lotto player? Then you'll need to buy your lottery tickets in time for the next lotto draw. The mid-week draws are taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday, all packed with millions in prize money and just waiting to be won.

To get the jackpots flowing into your bank account, just sign up to play with, and choose your lucky numbers for your favourite lotto draw. The sooner you do, the sooner you could be making headlines with your phenomenal online lotto win! The jackpots are out there, and they have to be won - and you're just one lotto ticket away from making it happen!

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