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16 December 2014

Online Lottery - Internet Hoax Or Real-Life Winnings?

By now we all must have received at least one of those "lottery results" notifications, either via email or text. "Congratulations", they say, "you have won <£XX something ridiculously large> in <some or other> lottery. Email <quite obviously sounding fake name> at <couldn't be a legit email address if it tried> now to collect your winnings!"

And you roll your eyes, turn around in your chair, inform everyone you work with that you have just won a gigantic sum of money in the lottery and will be quitting your job immediately. Oh, and drinks are on you. Everyone laughs, and then you get back to work. Because it's impossible to believe that you could have actually won such an outrageous sum of money on the lottery (particularly without buying a ticket!). It just has to be a scam.

That's exactly what Mike Fiske, 57, thought when he received an email telling him he'd not only won £1 million on the EuroMillions Lucky Dip, he'd bagged a luxurious overseas trip to Peru as well. Honestly, if we'd received that kind of amazing news via email, we'd have also thought it too good to be true.

Fearing the worst and not wanting to engage with internet fraudsters and expose himself to online theft, Mike kept the fantastic news to himself for over a week. Even though he had actually bought a ticket (a good sign), Mike was convinced he'd only won the minimum of £6.60, and couldn't bring himself to believe that the email was, bizarrely enough, completely above board. In fact, so certain was he that the email was a hoax, he even kept the news from his wife for an entire week.

Soon light began to dawn however, and after a trip to the lottery offices to confirm the email's authenticity, Mike was finally able to let the good news sink in. "When I finally realised I had won, realising it wasn't a prank or spam email, it felt euphoric," he says.

"I couldn't believe it was real, I just couldn't believe that I had won a million pounds. It isn't something that happens to me, but it has and I have to pinch myself to believe it."

"It was wonderful driving home and finally sharing the news with Jane," he says. "As I walked through the door I said to her: 'I've got some good news, we've won £1 million'. She was absolutely bowled over."

Mike is now planning on taking early retirement from his job as a geophysicist in the oil industry, and once he and Jane have finished building their new house, they intend on travelling. Amazing the good fortune that just one email can bring!

Of course, Mike was right to be wary of his good news email - as fraudsters and tricksters abound on the internet, just waiting to take advantage of those with trustworthy natures. Luckily, when you buy a lottery ticket online from, you can be sure that any communication you receive from us is completely legitimate and authentic. If we tell you you're a winner, that's news you can trust!

You'll have to be in it to win it first though, which means getting your tickets from and entering your favourite draw. Then watch out - that good news email could soon be making its way to your inbox and changing your life in the process!



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