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11 June 2015


It’s a strategy we’d never considered before, but it’s one that a recent USA Mega Millions lottery winner has down pat – don’t buy just one winning lottery ticket, buy a handful and cash in on all of them!

That’s exactly the plan that Don Wilson of Chesterfield County in Virginia followed on 2 June, and now he has more than $3 million to show for it. Remind us to try that next time!

Three USA Mega Millions tickets, three separate payouts

Why buy one winning ticket when you can buy three? That’s the question Don Wilson asked himself when buying tickets into the Tuesday night USA Mega Millions draw on 2 June. Of course, the trick is to make sure that your ticket’s a winner when you buy it – but that was no problem for Don, as he managed to match five main numbers on each of the three tickets he purchased, missing out on matching only the Mega Ball for a massive jackpot win.

3 times megamillions winner don wilson

We wouldn’t turn our noses up at $3 million though, and neither did Don, which is what he ended up collecting, having won a cool $1 million on each of his three USA Mega Millions tickets purchased. His good luck didn’t end there though, as it turns out he had managed to win a further $500 on two more Mega Millions tickets, putting his total lottery haul at a fantastic $3,001,000! We’re definitely going to be taking some lottery winning tips from Don going forward!

If you’re also looking for tips from this newly-made millionaire, he’s happy to give them to you for free though, sharing his thoughts about his recent win at a lottery press conference. While other USA Mega Millions winners have been hysterical with joy or shocked beyond belief, Don managed to keep his cool throughout the process, offering a golden nugget of advice for Mega Millions winners and players alike: “It’s just money. And there’s stuff in life that’s so much more important than money. Money takes away some concerns and things, but money’s not going to add anything of value to your life — just stuff.”

Of course, even though it is just money, Don won’t be giving it back – instead he’ll be donating part of it to ‘The Super Kids’, a charitable organisation offering support and care to those with learning disabilities. As a volunteer for the charity, it’s a concern close to Don’s heart, and one that he can now contribute to with money, as well as time. It seems that Don will be doing his best to take as much real value from his win as possible – and it’s a sentiment we whole-heartedly applaud.

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