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18 December 2014

Once, twice, five times a UK Lotto winner

It had to happen at some point - that £14.7 million jackpot couldn't go begging forever. And last night its rollover days came to an end as the elusive UK National Lottery jackpot finally found not one, but five lucky winners!

If you've been following the jackpot's progress, you'll know by now that last night's draw was the culmination of four consecutive rollovers - and that according to Lotto rules, the jackpot would have to be distributed, either to one lucky winner for matching all six numbers, or to the second tier winners for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

As it turned out, the jackpot eluded a single winner again, as all six numbers managed to stay unmatched. However, the second tier was where the giant jackpot was finally pinned down, as five lucky Lotto winners managed to match the five numbers and Bonus Ball necessary for taking home the winnings - £3 062 272 each as it turned out. Not bad for a night's work!

But the good news didn't stop there, as a further 189 players were able to match five main numbers for a take-home prize of £1 350 each, while another 10 438 players won a handy £129 each thanks to matching four main numbers. And a whopping 194 227 tickets matched three main numbers for a £25 win, spreading the Christmas winning spirit far and wide. If you were one of them, congratulations to you!

The festive Lotto magic doesn't stop there though - because the UK National Lottery will be back again on Saturday, this time with a £4.1 million jackpot to play for. It might not be the £14.7 million jackpot from Wednesday's draw, but it's certainly one worth playing for, particularly with Christmas just round the corner.

And if you have any trouble imagining what you would do with £4.1 million, we have plenty of suggestions! Like quitting your job just after Christmas and going on a slamming 2015 world tour! All the hotspots, all the party places, all the nightlife - just what the doctor ordered after a year of hard graft. Or perhaps you're more into relaxing? Then how about a personal butler, housekeeper, chef, masseuse and beauty therapist to keep you completely pampered and cater to your every whim. Nothing says 'I've made it' more than having your own personal staff!

Maybe toys are more your thing? Then get into the driver's seat and start tearing up the roads in a sleek, stylish McLaren F1! Just make sure the wipers work so you can clean off the drool from passers-by. Or maybe even buy a villa somewhere exotic and fabulous - we hear the Greek Isles are wonderful this time of year!

However you spend your jackpot, there's only one way to claim it, and that's by buying a lottery ticket online from With the UK Lottery up to £4.1 million on Saturday, and the EuroMillions standing at £11 million for Friday's draw, there are more than enough winning opportunities for you to take advantage of. Just buy your ticket, play, and look forward to your best holiday season yet!



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