On-The-Go Luxury: The Top 5 Most Expensive RVs

The RV, the recreational vehicle, the home coach, the motor home. Whatever name you call them by, these houses on wheels aren't exactly associated with luxury. Instead they're more the punchline to jokes, the road trip movie gone wrong, the mobile disaster waiting to happen.

Not anymore though - in recent years the RV has enjoyed something of a resurgence, being adopted by famous movie stars and celebrities alike, and enjoying a new, extravagant makeover. Now, it appears, if you have money, and you have all the toys like a supercar, yacht, helicopter, motorbike and so on, you need a luxury RV to complete your collection. Which is why RV manufacturers have been upping their game to produce the most expensive motor homes the world has ever seen.

All you have to do is win the lottery, and you too could be travelling the world in an opulent multi-wheeled mansion like:

5. The 2014 Country Coach Prevost - $1 million

If you're an urban warrior, then the Country Coach Prevost is your fighting machine - a beast of an RV with a stainless steel shell and enough stylish fittings to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Think porcelain tiled flooring, wooden walls and cabinets, a lavishly appointed master bedroom, and a state-of-the-art entertainment unit. Get that key in the ignition and let's get ready to go!

2014 Country Coach Prevost

4. The 2015 IH-45 Foretravel Motor Coach, Custom Edition - $1,300,000

If you've got the money, then you've got the means to personalise your purchases - no one-size-fits-all for you. That's exactly what the Foretravel Motor Coach has been designed for - complete customisation to suit your tastes, as well as exclusive harmonics to ensure a quiet, uninterrupted ride, and high-end features such as an air ride pilot seat and 20,000 kW generator. It sure fits our comfort bill, make no mistake!

2015 IH 45 Foretravel Motor Coach

3. The 2015 Prevost H3-45 VIP - $1,600,000

Stand out from the crowd with the Prevost - a hulking 12-foot, 5-inch giant of an RV, guaranteed to get you noticed wherever you go. With precision-moulded fibre on the outside, and wooden flooring on the inside, the Prevost is the epitome of mobile luxury, featuring finishes such as marble tables, sofas, chairs and ample kitchen and bedroom space. It sounds bigger than the flat we're living in right now!

2015 Prevost H3 45 VIP

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus - $2,500,000

You haven’t seen luxury until you've seen the Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus - a dream of an RV studded with Swarovski crystals (no less) and featuring rare marble, bronze, genuine Italian leather, and a sumptuous selection of other rich fabrics and finishes. No wonder it comes with a price tag of $2,500,000 - with so many exclusive touches, we're surprised it's not twice the price!

Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

1. eleMMent Palazzo – $3 million

Now here's the ultimate luxury RV guaranteed to break the bank - the eleMMEnt Palazzo, coming in at a massive $3 million! And what do you get for your multi-millions? Why, only a mansion on wheels, with a retractable roof, en-suite bar in the master bedroom, huge kitchen, fireplace, flatscreen TVs, and a wireless command centre to satisfy the James Bond in you. Forget the Ferraris - if you win the lottery, this RV is what you need to be buying, and quickly!

eleMMent Palazzo

As you can see, if you want to hit the road, the RV industry has a wide variety of luxurious ways for you to do so. There's just one tiny problem - even the least expensive one costs more than your house and car and annual income put together. Our suggestion? Start saving right now - and while you're at it, a few lottery tickets wouldn't go amiss either. The open road is waiting, and adventure is yours for the taking!

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