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26 November 2015

All Hail Portugal - The Lucky Euromillions Superdraw Winner

It's a story we've been covering for weeks now, and one that we're delighted to report has at last found its happy ending! It's the EuroMillions Superdraw rollover of course, and its landslide to massive multi-million winnings finally came to an abrupt halt last Friday evening, when one winner from Portugal was lucky enough to snag the entire pot!


A Lottery Rollover Of Epic Proportions 


If you've been following the jackpot news along with us, you'll likely agree that a more fitting name for the draw is the EuroMillions Super-Rollover - as that's exactly what the prize money has been doing ever since the pot first went up for grabs so many weeks ago. In case you missed all the drama, here's a quick recap:


  • Taking place on Friday 6 November, the third EuroMillions Superdraw of 2015 saw lotto fans worldwide playing for the massive prize of €100 million.
  • What was bad news for some was good news for others, as, failing to find a Tier 1 winner on its first outing, the jackpot rolled over to €111.9 million for the next draw.
  • Once more, the jackpot went unclaimed over the mid-week draw, causing it to roll over again, this time to €129 million, just in time for the weekend.  
  • It was third time unlucky for EuroMillions players, as déjà vu struck, and the jackpot rolled over yet again, to a massive to €144 million for the next week's draw.
  • Unbelievably, EuroMillions players once more went home empty-handed at the mid-week draw, causing the jackpot to roll over again to a colossal €163 million.


Which brings us to Friday, 20 November, when, despite all odds, one lucky EuroMillions player finally managed to hit on the winning number combination and scooped the entire jackpot prize as a result - all €163,553,041 of it!  


Euromillions Statistics - Which Countries Come Out On Top? 


This EuroMillions Superdraw win for Portugal marks the 58th time the country has struck it lucky on one of the world's most popular lotteries, putting them only behind France and Spain, with 78 and 74 winners respectively. Coming in at 4th place is the UK, with 55 winners, and various other countries trailing behind with 25 winners or less.


So what does that mean for you? Do you need to move to Portugal, France, Spain or the UK if you want to win the next EuroMillions lotto jackpot? Absolutely not! Thanks to, you won't need to lift a finger - except to purchase your EuroMillions tickets online in time for the next draw. While there may not be €163 million up for grabs this weekend, there's still a huge €25 million to play for - and every cent of it could be yours!


Statistically speaking, the most overdue main numbers are 24, 41, 5, 2 and 31, while the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 5 and 1 - but whether you choose to use some or all of these, or a combination of your own, it's up to you. All we know is that you need to be in it to win it, and if you're a member, there's no more convenient way to play, or set yourself up for a multi-million jackpot win! So get those tickets bought today, and let's see your name up in lights as our next big EuroMillions winner come Friday!


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