New Zealand Lotto Player Had No Idea She Was $1 Million Richer

An anonymous lottery winner from New Zealand carried a $1 million in her purse for nearly a week before realising that she'd hit the jackpot.

The winner, who has chosen to stay anonymous, says she bought her winning ticket on a whim after meeting her friends for a coffee date.

"I thought I might as well pick up a ticket and try my luck. I put the ticket in my wallet and kind of forgot about it," she said.

She left the ticket in her purse after that, not even thinking to check it after seeing on TV that there was a big winner from the area from where she had bought her ticket.

It wasn't until a week later while she was doing shopping that she scanned her ticket and the woman behind the check out counter asked her quietly to come to the back office.

It was when she was in the office that the lady turned to her and said, "Congratulations! You've won a million dollars".

She could hardly believe her luck and immediately called her daughter to tell her about the win and her instant ramp up into lotto celeb status.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me or my family before – it's going to be a tremendous help," she told local news. Her win was the only division one win from that draw.

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