New USA Powerball Changes Mean Bigger Prizes, Especially If You Play Now!

Big and exciting changes are coming to the USA Powerball on August 23rd. These changes include adding Mondays to the weekly draw days, and a new way to play; Double Play.

The USA Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games with millions of people around the world playing each week hoping to bag the regular multi-million dollar jackpots. And with the new changes coming soon there has never been a better time to be a USA Powerball player.

The changes are intended to add more chances to win every week, and the opportunity to play for bigger jackpots and payouts.

What exactly are the coming big changes?

Additional Monday draw - Currently the USA Powerball has twice-weekly draws held every Wednesday and Saturday, but that will all change soon.

As of August 23rd there will be an additional USA Powerball draw every Monday. This means an extra day to win and an extra jackpot rollover every week. In total there could be as many as five extra Powerball draws every month, which could results in hundreds of millions in rollovers!

New 'Double Play' feature - The all-new Double Play feature will allow players an extra chance to match their numbers for a second-chance drawing to win a $10 million prize. The Double Play draw is held shortly after the normal Powerball draws. There will also be a Double Play draw every Monday after August 23rd.

The new Double Play draws offer $30 million in prizes to be won each week. That's $120 million in extra prizes to be won each month!

The number pool for Double Play is the same as a normal USA Powerball draw.

What brought on the USA Powerball changes?

The USA Powerball executives decided on the new changes after major shifts in their player base, and after an important global event forced us all inside.

More players than ever before - Since launching in 1992 the USA Powerball has grown its player base more than any other global lottery game. And with more people playing the USA Powerball every week comes an increased demand for more draws.

So after nearly twenty years of hosting two draws every week, the USA Powerball will be adding an extra draw every Monday.

Covid-19 lockdowns - When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 the world went into lockdown and billions of people found themselves spending much more time indoors.

After noticing a substantial uptick in the amount of Powerball tickets being sold, the decision was made to include another weekly draw day on Monday.

How can I win big if I play now?

They say 'the early bird catches the worm', but in this case, it's 'the quick player wins the jackpot.' So if you want to take full advantage of the new USA Powerball changes and get the best possible chances at winning, we recommend that you play now.

One of the best ways that players can take advantage of the new changes is to play tickets now before the changes become mainstream news.

Play now for the BEST ODDS at the BIGGEST PRIZES - If you play your USA Powerball tickets not too long after the new changes come into effect you will be playing for the bigger prizes, but without too many other people also playing tickets. With less people playing, that means there are less people to split any prizes with when you win.

So make sure to play the USA Powerball as soon as possible to make sure you don't split your winnings with any other players!

More draws = more rollovers = bigger jackpots - With an extra USA Powerball draw taking place each week, that means another day were the jackpot could possibly rollover.

So with a total of three draws each week and the extra Double Play draw, USA Powerball players stand a chance at winning more millions than ever before!

What does this mean for the future of the USA Powerball?

With all the exciting new additions coming to the USA Powerball there has never been a better time to play in America's favourite lottery game.

The USA Powerball currently holds the world-record for some of the biggest jackpots ever won. These include the biggest ever lottery jackpot; the $1.58 billion won in January 2016 and six other of the ten largest lottery payouts.

Very high likelihood of bigger jackpots every week.

And now with an extra draw every Monday players can look forward to more rollovers, which in turn mean bigger payouts. But that's not all, because the Double Play feature guarantees an extra $10 million up for grabs every draw. That's an extra $30 million every week, or $120 million every month.

USA Powerball Changes In A Nutshell

So now that you've marked August 23rd on your calendar let's recap on all the great changes that are coming to the USA Powerball.

  • Double Play feature gives you an extra chance to win $10 million every draw.
  • New Monday draw gives you another day to win, and more rollovers every week.
  • Additional draws will generate bigger weekly jackpots and other payouts.
  • Players can get the best odds at winning even bigger prizes if they play right now.

So what are you waiting for? Right now is the best time to play the USA Powerball if you want the best odds and the biggest prizes.

Click below to get your USA Powerball tickets now.

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