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13 February 2018

New UK Community Lotto Will Donate 60 Percent Of Sales Back To Charity

A new UK community lottery is being launched with the principal aim of supporting local charities. The tickets will cost £1 each, and 60p of every ticket sold will go toward a local charity.

Residents of the Havant Borough will soon have the opportunity to play in an exciting new lottery game, and they can feel good while doing it! The tickets are will be going for £1, and 60p of that will be going toward good causes compared to the 28p on the pound given back by the UK National Lottery.

The brand new lottery boasts a £25,000 jackpot every week, and smaller £10,000, £5,000 and £2,000 prizes to be won every week. Players can also play for much easier to win free tickets for upcoming draws in the same lottery.

Council leader Leah Turner said that the plan to launch the local lottery was hatched after national funding for local charities have been getting cut for years.

Speaking with local news reporters she said that "With all local government budgets under increasing pressure, we at HBC have arranged the Havant Community Lottery to raise funding for charities and good causes within our borough."

When choosing their lucky numbers players will also be able to pick the cause they want their 60p to go toward.

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