Get Your Tickets For Must-Win EuroMillions Superdraw!

It's time for another big EuroMillions Superdraw! Read below to find out how to play in this unique multi-million European lottery draw.

A EuroMillions Superdraw operates under the normal EuroMillions rules, only the jackpots are MUCH bigger. These draws usually happen a few times each year and are available to all our Giant Lottos players.

Past EuroMillions Superdraw winners are from all the corners of the globe, will you be the next Superdraw winner? Play your tickets now before someone else claims your payday.

How to win the EuroMillions Superdraw

1. Pick your 5 lucky numbers from a number pool of 1 - 50. You will need to match all five of these numbers to take home the jackpot!

2. Pick 2 bonus numbers also know as the Lucky Stars. These numbers are from a 1 - 12 number pool. You also need to match these to win.

3. Wait for the night of the draw, check your lucky numbers and see if you're a winner. If nobody wins the jackpot it will rollover until it reaches it's jackpot cap.

How often does a Superdraw happen?

While there is no fixed amount of times a Superdraw happens, it's usually two or three times a year. Keep an eye on our Latest News section for all Superdraw announcements.

Must the Superdraw Jackpot be won?

The EuroMillions Superdraw starting jackpot differs slightly each time, but is usually around €120 million. If nobody wins the jackpot it will rollover and get bigger for the next draw.

The jackpot will continue to rollover until it reaches the €190 million jackpot cap.

If nobody wins the €190 million jackpot for four draws, it will 'rolldown' and be divided among the players who won the lower prize tiers. This is why we say every Superdraw jackpot must be won!

EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot winners

Since the first one took place in February 2007 there have been 23 more EuroMillions Superdraws. The first jackpot was £67 million and won by a single ticket holder from Belgium.

Below are some of the latest biggest Superdraw winners to date:

Date of Superdraw Jackpot Won in the Draw More details
June 7 2019 No £123m won by a single UK ticket holder
February 1 2019 No €175m jackpot was picked up by an Irish family syndicate after the jackpot had rolled over 5 times.
September 21 2018 No There was a £115m starting jackpot which rolled over three times. The £144m jackpot was eventually won in Switzerland.
April 20 2018 No One UK player won the £121m jackpot.
September 17 2017 No The jackpot rolled over to the jackpot cap of €190m and was won by a Spanish syndicate.
June 30 2017 Yes Another UK winner bagged a £87m Superdraw jackpot.
September 30 2016 No A player from Belgium won a jackpot of €168m on October 11th
November 6 2016 No €163 million was won by a Portuguese on a November draw.

Where can I play the latest EuroMillions Superdraw?

You can play tickets in July 2020 EuroMillions Superdraw at Giant Lottos. If you do not have a Giant Lottos account you can register here.

After registration you can log into your account and make your EuroMillions Superdraw ticket purchase. You can click below to go to the EuroMillions Superdraw page.

Play EuroMillions Superdraw Online

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