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05 April 2018

Most Common Lottery Numbers Drawn Together

Winning the lotto is easy in theory; all you need to do is match up your lucky numbers to the numbers that come up on the day of the draw. To help you pick your numbers, below you will find the list of the most common lottery numbers drawn together.

This year has already seen multiple multi-million jackpot wins from around the world, along with hundreds of other big tier 2/3 wins. All of these prizes are guaranteed to have changed the lives of those who won them. These jackpot prizes are usually won by matching five or more of the lucky numbers, below are the most common lottery numbers drawn together in international draws.

Frequently Drawn Number

Number Of Times Drawn

23 332
38 330
31 329
25 325
33 324
11 321


And if you want to dip even deeper into the jackpot pool you'll need to match the bonus numbers too! Below is a listing of the most common lottery bonus numbers drawn together. The bonus number is usually drawn after the primary five or six numbers.

Frequently Drawn Bonus Number

Number Of Times Drawn

45 65
37 62
38 61
31 60
6 58
8 58


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