Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot might have gone unclaimed, rolling over Friday's jackpot to a massive $270 million - but that doesn't mean there's nothing to celebrate.

In fact, even though the top prize is still anyone's game, tickets sold for Mega Millions are still proving lucky for lottery players - to the tune of millions in some cases!

A lucky lottery win for the holidays

Take for instance a Mega Millions ticket that was sold in Koreatown last December. Young Soon Cho of Los Angeles thought nothing of buying a Quick Pick ticket for the Mega Millions draw over the holiday season - but was left stunned when she realised she was just one number short of winning the grand jackpot prize. That didn't leave her empty-handed by any means though, because with a match of five main numbers, Cho managed to net herself a fantastic $928,084 - just what everyone needs around the holiday season!

Thanks to her much-needed windfall, Cho was in the ideal position to give her friends and family a December break to remember - one that wouldn't have been possible without the purchase of a single Mega Millions ticket.

Lottery players become million dollar lottery winners

The same goes for this week's draw as well. While the jackpot has now rolled over to an impressive $270 million, there were still more than enough prizes to go around for lucky US lottery players. Take for example the ticket that was sold at an Ypsilanti liquor store in Michigan. While reports are still waiting to be confirmed, it's believed that this little store sold one big ticket - to the tune of an incredible $1 million!

Continuing the winning trend, Chisago County in Michigan was also home to another $1 million Mega Millions ticket (must be something in the water there in Michigan). And in fact, it's come to light that following Tuesday's draw, not one, not two, but a total of six $1 million tickets were sold to lucky lottery players around the US! The winners' details are still to be confirmed but one thing's for sure - if you bought a Mega Millions ticket for Tuesday's draw (or in any fact any Mega Millions draw), check your numbers! Just because you didn't take the top prize doesn't mean there aren't millions of reasons to celebrate!

Play the Mega Millions lottery online today

Friday night has millions more opportunities for you to win - 270 million to be exact. That's because thanks to a recent run of rollovers, the Friday night Mega Millions jackpot stands at a whopping $270 million! You might think that's an impossible amount for one player to win - but just take a look at retired school principal Harold Diamond, who netted himself an incredible $326 million with one ticket last November! It's a jackpot that's yours for the taking, so make sure you're in it to win it!

All you have to do is buy your lottery ticket online with, and you'll be in with a shot for this life-changing jackpot. And just remember - even if the grand prize doesn't come your way, or it rolls over for another week, check your ticket! There could be millions hiding amongst those numbers - all you have to do is keep your eyes on the prize.


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