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25 June 2015

Master The Game: How To Choose Winning Lottery Numbers - Part 1

As long-time lottery fans know, you can buy as many lotto tickets as you like, but at the end of the day it all comes down to those winning lottery numbers. Whether you need to choose five numbers, or six or seven, there’s always just one lucky number combination standing between you and the lotto jackpot of a lifetime.

It’s a concept that’s been tantalising lotto players for years – how do you choose the winning lottery numbers? Is the eventual combination a totally random one, with no rhyme or reason behind it, or would you have a better chance if you played a string of numbers that had some type of personal meaning to you?

When looking at the number combinations that past lotto winners have struck gold with, it seems there’s no right answer to the question. Some seem to hit paydirt with a random assortment of numbers, while still others hit the big one thanks to license plate numbers, old house numbers, anniversaries and so on.

The general consensus is that when it comes to picking lottery numbers, there’s simply no way of knowing which combination will guarantee you a multi-million win. However, there are a number of strategies you can play to help increase your odds, and give you a better chance of not just winning, but winning more than the average player. Want the inside scoop? Then read on!

1. Spread your lottery numbers

Believe it or not, while you think your particular lottery number combination is a unique one, there are literally thousands of lotto fans the world over who could be playing the same combination – particularly if it’s a popular one, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Other popular combinations include multiples of the numbers 5: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 and 7:  7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, and 49. What this means is that even if you do hit the jackpot, your chances of walking away with a huge prize are drastically lowered due to the amount of people playing the same number combinations.

how to choose winning lottery numebrs 

In order to avoid splitting your jackpot with the world and his mother, spread your number combinations instead. If the number 7 is lucky for you, by all means use a string of numbers with a value of 7. But don’t use them all on the same ticket – rather purchase a number of tickets for the same lottery, and spread your multiples of 7 across your ticket purchases, with a few other random numbers thrown in for good measure.

2. Diversify your lucky number picks

In real estate it’s all about location. In lotteries it’s all about diversifying – resisting the urge to put all your eggs in one basket. While it’s tempting to only want to play the lottery when the jackpot is sitting at a mammoth total, just a fraction of that would be more than enough to see your dreams of luxury come true. Even £1 million, if invested wisely, would be enough to set you up for life. And yet so few lottery players choose their lucky numbers for these lottos, preferring instead to go for jackpots of only 9 figures or more.  

Here’s where a smart lottery player like yourself could cash in. Smaller lotto jackpots generally offer higher winning odds and lower ticket prices, meaning that a savvy player could reap huge benefits with just one small ticket purchase. Choosing your lucky numbers for a “small” lotto jackpot could end up paying out massive rewards, so diversify your playing strategy and you could soon be in the money. By all means play the mega jackpots too – just don’t discount the smaller diamonds in the rough! 

Choose your winning lottery numbers with today!

Of course the most important lotto tip of all is the most obvious one – to increase your chances of winning the lotto, you have to buy a lottery ticket in the first place! And to do that, there’s no better place to play than Simply logon today, buy your international lottery tickets quickly and easily, and you’ll be in with a chance at claiming some of the biggest lotto jackpots in the world!

Just remember – choose a unique number combination, spread your numbers, diversify your lotto play, and that next lotto jackpot could be yours! Check back tomorrow for more winning lottery number tips, and make your dreams of luxury living come true with! 

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